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From the Land to the Sea All in One State

From the Land to the Sea All in One State

India is the land of cultural diversity and multi religious ethos. Both northern as well as southern part of the country show the diverse background and ethnicity of culture, people and lifestyle. Situated in the heart of southern India, Tamil Nadu is the perfect testimonial of southern India's cultural heritage. A perfect blend of some of the most renowned temples, beaches and hill stations, it gives a complete picture of what southern India is all about. Some of the popular tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu are: Chennai, Madurai, Ooty, Kanyakumari and Pondicherry.

Chennai- the capital of Tamil Nadu is a busy metropolitan city bustling with a lot of activity. Famously known as the gateway to the south, it is the heart of trade in southern India. Chennai is a great dichotomy of tradition and modernity. Tradition is deeply rooted in the ethos of the city. Resplendent with some of the most exotic beaches, it has towering buildings reflective of high trade activity in the city. The museums, galleries and the Portuguese style architecture give the city its rustic and aristocratic feel.

Moving from the capital city to the hub of culture and the oldest city in Tamil Nadu, Madurai is home to the most famous temple in India- The Meenakshi temple. Intricately built with some exquisite architecture, Meenakshi temple is a Hindu temple situated at the banks of the river Vaigai. It is dedicated to a Hindu goddess named Parvati.

Moving to the holiday destinations in Tamil Nadu, Ooty has top of mind recall. Established by the British as the summer headquarters of the Chennai Government, its breathtaking scenic beauty is of great respite from the hectic city life. With its peak season between April to May, it is frequented by a number of tourists and is one of the most popular destinations in Tamil Nadu. Some of the 'must visits' in the city are the botanical garden – lush with flora and fauna, the toy train to Ooty- full of fun and frolic specially for kids, the Dodapetta peak – offering a picturesque vie of the Nilgiri hills and the boating in Ooty. Toy train to Ooty is a clear highlight of the hill station.

From the hills to the beaches, Tamil Nadu encompasses both. Pondicherry- a much sober version of Goa is a must visit for all beach lovers. With clean and pristine stretch of beaches, it is situated on the East coast of the state and was historically a French colony. The city breathes of a cosmopolitan culture still blended with rich French flavor. One of the famous tourist spots is the Sri Aurbindo Ashram in Pondicherry. It is a spiritual community set up by one of the greatest spiritual leaders India has produced- Sri Aurbindo. Hence Pondicherry also becomes a destination for people who are spiritually inclined and want to meditate in the soulful lap of nature.

Moving now, to the last but not the least, the tip of Tamil Nadu and India- Kanyakumari. It is of special significance because it is here that you see the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal merge. If you visit this place in the month of April and happen to be there on a full moon night, you can view the sun setting and the moon emerging simultaneously. It is a must watch and once in a lifetime view.

In a nutshell, Tamil Nadu has some of the best tourist destinations of Southern India. From Meenakshi temple to Sri Aurbindo Ashram in Pondicherry - Tamil Nadu caters to the tastes of all. It gives a tourist a well rounded experience of city, culture, hills and the beach. If you are planning a trip down South then Tamil Nadu is the place to be. Bon Voyage!