Use of Cookies on our website

We are using four types of cookies on our website:

Essential cookies

These are necessary cookies which we need to make sure our website function properly and to provide you with services available on our website. Some of these cookies will be deleted when you stop browsing on our website.  You can set your browser to block these cookies but this can stop some functions and features of our website.

Performance cookies

The performance cookies collect data about visitors' time spent on our website, how many people have visited our website, source to reach our website, and which pages they browsed. This information helps us to improve our website's performance regularly.

Functional cookies

We use these cookies to improve and provide some functions that can enhance user experience on our website.  For example, we use functional cookies linked to Content Sharing  so that visitor can share pages and content of our website across the social networks including Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google+.  These cookies provide us data about the performance of our pages like how many clicks and shares our pages get.

Advertising cookies

These cookies track the visitor's actions on our website, including the links they have clicked and the pages they have browsed. With the help of these marketing cookies, we work with our advertising partners like Google and Facebook to display interest based relevant advertisements to the visitors.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our use of cookies, you can find the most relevant contact details in our Privacy Policy