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Enchanting Beauty of South India and Magnificent Temples

Enchanting Beauty of South India and Magnificent Temples

The topological variations of India make it a unique country in itself. From the northern part of the country to the southern tip, the Indian peninsula is filled with natural diversities and you would see a unique confluence of land and flora together. India Holiday Mall is the best travel guide to let you explore the finest parts of Southern India through its customized travel programs. South India is well known for the largest collection of magnificent temples and rich flora.

Speaking about the natural surroundings, entire southern India is occupied with three water bodies from three sides, the Arabian Sea in the west, the Bay of Bengal in the east, and the Indian Ocean in the south. The richness of South India can also be observed through the glistening sea beaches and stunning backwaters which enhance the beauty of the place. Coming to the temples found in South India, few of them are as old as the Indian history.

India's bountiful resources are dragging people from within the country and outside it to go for adventure trips with friends and family. With us, you can explore the best travel experience for a perfect memory. We include a few of the best spots of the country to be covered within the stipulated time period and make sure that it meets up to your desires. The cascading rivers, majestic Himalayas, captivating hill stations and snow-capped mountains with a range of a flora and fauna; everything makes India a perfect holiday destination. When you go for having a fun-filled adventurous ride to India, you might have a long list of spots to be covered. With us you can be assured of availing all the facilities, starting from travel guide to selecting the best travel destinations in India.

Starting from the westernmost part of the country, Rajasthan is a state known for its royalty, magnificent architecture, deserts, and glorious monuments. You can explore the adventure side of Rajasthan through the variant of safaris provided here. The wildlife of the state is captivating as it consists of rare migratory birds, a purple breed of tigers, and other faunas. Horse safari in Rajasthan lets you become vis-à-vis with the enchanting wildlife of the state. The animals residing in the natural habitat and sanctuaries of Rajasthan have something called horse safari associated with them that will definitely make your journey more fun-filled. Apart from horse safari, you can also experience camel safari in Jaisalmer. The camel safari in Jaisalmer is usually done on the sands of the deserts and also in the wildlife sanctuaries. You can see the rhesus monkeys, leopard, jackal, royal tigers, chittel, lions, langur, nilgai, wild dog, and rare variety of birds under the sky roaming freely in their natural habitat.

Ladakh is yet another top destination included in our adventure tours. Leh Ladakh trip is a must-have part if you want to experience the true meaning of adventures. The torpid rivers, lofty mountains, serene lakes, and Majestic Himalayas are all found in the same place. Motorcycle tour Ladakh is the best if you want to explore the place in a distinctive way. Khardung La is considered to be the most rushed place in the city as the rustic villages and Buddhist monasteries all present you with the best view. The treacherous roads built across the land terrains and thick mountains are worth a try on a motorcycle. Travelers can venture with us to explore their adventurous side as the breathtaking beauty of Jammu is bound to take your hearts away. Apart from motorcycle rides, you can also enjoy trekking in Ladakh. Trekking in Leh Ladakh is world-famous as the lofty mountains are calling. Rishikesh which is also found amidst highlands in north India also gives you an unforgettable rafting experience. Rafting in Rishikesh is one of the favorite pastimes of adventure lovers.

Coming down south, cycling in south India is considered to be the fun-filled part of our trips. We start our journey from Bangalore and go on covering, Mysore, Ooty, Munnar, Bandipur and Madumalai each day to give you an enthralling experience.