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Bird Watching Tour India - Experience the Avian Wonderland

Bird Watching Tour India

India is a country with a beautiful blend of many cultures and languages. Blessed with nature's beauty in abundance, one can also witness the same amazing blend among the different species of birds in this country. Apart from domestic birds, you can experience the joy of watching migratory birds, aquatic birds, raptorial birds, oscine birds and all sort of other rare and extremely endangered bird species. With diversity stupefying and incredible, the bird watching tour India has bags full of entrancing experiences.

Bird watching is not only about sighting birds in jungles or sanctuaries, it is an art, an instinct to be at right place at right time with people of similar interest and passion. It is about the knowledge of tracking the species with prior information. At India Holiday Mall, we give you such unforgettable experiences that you may cherish forever. With our team of specialized guides and staff and knowledge about the local areas, we endeavor to bring out the best of your bird watching experience.

With a magnificent bird Peacock as its National Bird, India is also known for its other local beauties such as Kingfisher, Great Indian Bustard, Indian Eagle and Indian Horn-bill. If you are a twitcher and travel around the globe for the sights of rare and endangered species, our tour at India Holiday Mall will never going to disappoint you. With several bird sanctuaries in India, each one has its own distinct feature and residents. We make sure you get to chose destinations of your choice and leave the rest on us.

Some of the famous bird sanctuaries in India are as follows:

Bharatpur Bird sanctuary situated in Rajasthan is considered to be one of the finest sanctuaries in the world. The place is paradise of myriad of rare and exotic birds that migrate here during winter season such as Painted storks, Pelicans and White Ibis etc.

Sultanpur Bird sanctuary in Haryana offers a bewitching sight of numerous colourful and vibrant colored migratory birds such as Great Flamingo, Northern Pintail, Spotted Sandpiper, Rosy Pelican etc.

Kumarakom Bird sanctuary situated in the land of backwaters Kerala abodes large number of migratory birds. With an option of bird watching through riding in a houseboat gives you an enchanting panorama of different species such as Siberian Stork, Wood Beetle, Herons Water Ducks along with beautiful Mangrove Forest and lush green paddy fields.

Kaundinya Bird sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh is among the top bird sanctuaries in India. With a picturesque landscape of deep vales and high hills along with two gushing streams, the experience of bird watching is completely astounding. It offers a plethora of migratory birds to its visitors like Love Birds, Cockatiels, and Rosy Pelicans etc.

Apart from these spectacular sanctuaries, India is home to plethora of such bird watching places. A paradise for bird watchers, India offers diversity in bird species to its visitors. Owing to its varied climate and enriched vegetation, one can witness as many as 1200 bird species in India from almost 8650 of total species present in the world. With almost 78 endangered bird species, this bird watching tour in India is a delight for any bird lover. The diverse topography along with the equally varied altitudes from sea level to huge Himalayas in India has lead to amazing habitats for the birds. A step away from visiting the natural abodes of this beautiful species, we ensure you of tour with a lifetime experience.

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