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Gyantse Travel Guide

Gyantse is a pastoral town between Lhasa and Shigatse. It is 264 Kilometers southwest of Lhasa. It still retains the charm of a traditional Tibetan town untouched by modern Gyantse expansion. It made world headlines in 1904 when Colonel Young's husband led a British Expedition to Tibet and defeated the Tibetan army there. As a crossroad on the principal trade route to India, it used to be renowned for the excellence of its carpets. The compound, encircled by an impressive wall once contained 19 monasteries presided over by the still fortress perched atop a nearby mountain.

Kumbum: It is one of the most unique and magnificent buildings in Tibet consisting of 6 Stories complete with a Buddhist Hall and a prayer hall. It has 112 chapels and its walls are adorned with religious paintings. Built-in the 15th Century, it has since then withstood all the ravages of battles and revolutions.

Pelkhor Chode Monastery: Located near the Kumbum, it was founded in the 15th century. It has been remarkably well preserved and many of the statues and paintings inside date back to the time of its founding.

Palchoi Monastery: Palchoi monastery is the only monastery that combines all of the sects, Pachoi pagoda is also called "one hundred thousand Buddha pagoda". Its construction style is very quite different from the others.