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Kandy Travel Guide

Sri Lanka's hill capital, the strong hold of the Sinhala Kings, is our most beautiful town. It is 488 meters above sea level and next to Colombo is Sri Lanka's most visited place, The Kandy focal point of the town is, without doubt, the golden roofed Dalada Maligawa where the Sacred Tooth Relic of the Buddha is enshrined. Major restoration work in progress here by the UNESCO - aided Central Cultural Fund. The highlight of the year is Esala Perahera when a replica of the relic casket is taken in procession accompanied by exotically costumed dancers, drummers, and about 80 to 100 elephants during ten glittering nights in July / August.

Kalapuraya: Visit Kalapuraya in the beautiful Dumbara valley 8 km. from Kandy, where descendants of the ancient craftsmen still create items of rare elegance in metal and wood. There are many shrines and temples in and around Kandy, where you will see rare paintings, frescoes, wood, and stone carvings. Don't miss Peradenlya Gardens, begun as a pleasure garden by a Sinhala King, with its amazing variety of bees, plants, and flowers. Kandy is an exciting place for shopping with souvenirs in wood, copper, silver, brass, ebony, and bronze. Ceramics, lacquer work, handlooms, batiks, jewelry and rush, and reed -ware can also be purchased.

Peninsula: Situated 398 km. from Colombo. The metropolis of the north with its population mainly comprising Tamils, was of great importance to the Portuguese and Dutch whose fort is one of the finest built and is extremely well preserved. The peninsula is full of Hindu temples of which the Kandaswamy temple at Nallur is the most famous.

Jaffna: Jaffna is located in the northern part of Sri Lanka. This is the Home city of Sri Lankan Tamil. Most of the Jaffna Tamils are well educated. They have their traditional culture, Decency. This is an ancient port city. I am also from Jaffna.My village call "Ilavalai" which is located 5 km north of Jaffna Town. This city is filled up with traditional Hindu kovils, catholic Churches. The local citizens are Hindu, Catholics & Muslims, and Christians.