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Destination Guide of Nepal

Nepal, officially Kingdom of Nepal, constitutional monarchy in southern Asia, bounded on the north by the Tibetan Autonomous Region in China and on the east, south and west by India. The area of Nepal is 147,181 sq km (54,362 sq mt). Nepal occupies one of the most mountainous parts of the world, a characteristic that has contributed to its isolation. Because of its landlocked position, however, Nepal must maintain friendly relations with the neighboring nations of China and India. Since the 1970s the country has attracted growing numbers of tourists as well as skilled mountain climbers.

Nepal & its Subcontinents

Facts and Figures

Official Name : Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
Population : 27 million
Area : 147,181 square kilometres
Languages : Nepali, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Tharu, Tamang, Nepal Bhasa, Bajjika and Magar, Doteli, Urdu and Sunwar
Major Religions : Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Folk, Christian
National Anthem : "Sayaun Thunga Phool Ka"
National Emblem : Flag of Nepal, Mount Everest, green hills symbolising the hilly regions of Nepal and yellow colour symbolising the fertile Terai region, male and female hands joining to symbolise gender equality, and a garland of Rhododendron (thenational flower).
National Flag : Combination of two single pennons, the vexillological word for a pennant. 
National Bird : Himalayan monal (danphe)
National Flower : Rhododendron arboreum
National Tree : Rhododendron
National Game : Dandi Biyo