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Thanjavur Travel Guide

THANJAVUR - The name Thanjavur is derived from "Tanjan", a legendary demon in Hindu mythology.

Tanjore as the British called it, is extremely fertile, prosperous and scenic; it was the natural choice for the capital city of one of the greatest empires of the south. Now a small city in the state of Tamil Nadu, it rose to glory during the Chola period from the 10th century to the 14th, when it came to be the centre of art and education.

The Cholas built extensively during this period and 74 of their temples are still standing. As the centre of cultural development, Thanjavur attracted master craftsmen, and it still continues to produce attractive handcrafted ware. Thanjavur is still famous for its bejewelled, gold leaf Tanjore paintings, fine silk carpets, bell metal work, musical instruments, pith work and bronze sculptures.