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Delhi Travel Guide

Over the centuries, Delhi has made its stance as the capital of India fusing together the ancient and the modern so effortlessly. Comprising two contrasting yLotus templeet harmonious parts, the Old Delhi and New Delhi, this city is truly the travel hub for tourists from the world over.

Narrating the city's Mughal past, Old Delhi takes you through the labyrinthine streets passing through formidable mosques, monuments and forts and coupled with New Delhi, they unravel a clear image of rich culture, architecture and diversity One can easily behold the rich history of the city in its monuments, museums and people. While holding on to its cultures and norms, Delhi has transcended into a city that offers the best in luxury, the classiest of restaurants and pubs, and the best shopping options.

Yet even as it bears close resemblance to first world cities elsewhere, Delhi has a particular charm unlike any other. It has developed a personality that lures one into feeling at home. Temples and monuments like the famous lskcon temple, the 16th century Humayun tomb, the Bahai Lotus temple often compared to the Sydney Oprah house, and Sacred Heart Cathedral are evident of harmonious living in Delhi.

Foodie's delight

Then there are the famous Delhi foods. Delhi is a foodie's delight; you can be assured that you'll never go hungry with lanes lined up with cafeterias, hotels and restaurants. The city has the taste of everything be it North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Continental and American lifestyle fast food. However, the best tasting foods dredged in sweet smelling ghees and chillies savoured by ginger teas can be found right on the roadsides.


A flatbread made with whole-wheat flour, pan fried in oil, and sometimes stuffed with crushed vegetables.


Rice and dal flour mixed into a batter and like a pancake it is spread on a hot pan until golden, brown and served with a sour type dal, Sambar.

Chaat Bhalle papri, aloo tikki, gol gappe
Mixture of yogurt and Tamarind syrup thrown over crispy fried flour batter.


Betel leaf combined with the areca nut.


Rice cooked with vegetables and meats.


Large puffy fried bread made out of flour served with curried chick peas aka chhole.