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Amritsar: A Tale of Culture, Spirituality

Amritsar, a city in the northern state of Punjab, India, is a vibrant tapestry of culture, history, and spirituality. At its heart lies the resplendent Golden Temple, a sacred site for Sikhs and a symbol of unity and equality. The temple's gilded structure surrounded by a shimmering pool of holy water is a sight to behold, especially during the daily prayers and the mesmerizing night illumination.

But Amritsar offers more than just spiritual nourishment. It is a city of contrasts, where the bustling bazaars of the old town stand in stark contrast to the tranquil ambiance of the Golden Temple. Exploring these winding streets, you'll encounter a delightful array of shops, offering everything from traditional Punjabi attire to intricate handicrafts.

The city is also a food lover's paradise, with its delectable Punjabi cuisine. From the world-famous Amritsari kulcha to the mouthwatering lassi and the fragrant tandoori dishes, Amritsar's street food scene is a culinary journey you won't want to miss.