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Destination Guide of Bhutan

Bhutan is an extraordinary place hardly touched by the hands of time. Nestling in the heart of the great Himalaya, it remained in self-imposed isolation for centuries, aloof from the rest of the world. Since its doors were cautiously opened in 1974, visitors have been mesmerised: the environment is pristine, the scenery and architecture awesome, the people hospitable and charming, and the culture unique in its purity.

Bhutan & its Subcontinents

Facts and Figures

Official Name : Bhutanese
Population : 742,737 (2012 census)
Area : 38,394 km2
Languages : Dzongkha
Capital : Thimphu
Major Religions : Vajrayana Buddhism
National Emblem : The emblem of Bhutan maintains several elements of the flag of Bhutan, with slightly different artistry, and much Buddhist symbolism.
National Flag : The national flag of Bhutan is one of thenational symbols of Bhutan. The flag is based upon the tradition of the Drukpa Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism and features Druk, the Thunder Dragon of Bhutanese mythology.
National Bird : Raven
National Flower : Blue Poppy