The Joy Rides in the Toy Trains of India

Posted On : 15-3-2018
The Joy Rides in the Toy Trains of India

The hilly regions of India not just offer picturesque and scenic viewpoints but are also home to some exquisite narrow gauge toy trains. From the Ooty Coonoor Toy Train in the southern state of Tamil Nadu to the stunning Darjeeling Toy Train in the north, India certainly offers a once in a lifetime

India certainly offers a once in a lifetime experience in terms of riding unique trains. Some of the enjoyable toy trains in India that offer picturesque insights to the Indian subcontinent include:

Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Also often known as the Ooty-Mettupalayam Toy Train was built during the British regime in India back in 1908. Running on steam, the railways has been marked as an extension of the UNESCO world heritage site to its counterpart in the Himalayas. (Darjeeling Toy Train)

The train which rides on a meager 1,000 mm takes you on a thrilling ride. The journey of 26km is through 208 curves, 16 tunnels, and an astounding 250 bridges. The journey uphill takes around 5 hours that gives one ample time for surveying the breathtaking nature in the surrounding regions. The journey is also adequately planned with the train stopping at regular intervals so the passengers can get refreshed.

Kalka- Shimla Railway

This railway also was known as the Kalka Shimla toy train is a 2 foot 6-inch narrow-gauge railway also built during British Raj. Built as early as 1891, Shimla was historically a developed major base for the Britishers. In 2007, the government of the state of Himachal Pradesh declared it a heritage property, after which UNESCO confirmed the same at a global level.

The route of 96km is a feast to the eyes. With the Shivalik foothills offering a view of the Himalayas at Kalka, the pristine environment and scenic wonders make this is a mesmerizing ride. The staggering number of 107 tunnels further adds to the excitement of the ride. Shimla's cool climate attracts many tourists, especially in the summer and the Kalka Shimla toy train.

Darjeeling Toy Train

Firstly what makes this North-Eastern railway stand out is that the route of Darjeeling to Ghum is emphatic owing to the fact that Ghum is India's highest railway station. Though the construction of the rail dates back to 1879 the recent UNESCO survey claims that it is still in perfect working condition. The route follows the hill cart road almost parallel to highway 55. To conquer the terrain the route consists of a series of loops and what is often referred to as Z reverses, these components certainly make the ride more intriguing for anyone riding the train for the first time. With the surrounding Jalpaiguri district along the way, the aesthetics the ride provides are unparalleled. One can witness West Bengal at its scenic best along the way.

India has a number of historic toy trains all of which are unique. One visit shall leave you wanting for more. From a vintage rail enthusiast to the normal avid traveller, these toy trains have something to offer for everyone!