Pushkar: Where Spirituality Meets Colors

Posted On : 15-3-2016
Pushkar: Where Spirituality Meets Colors

A plunge in the hallowed water of the revered Pushkar Lake is equated with observing yagnas for numerous years. The lake radiates a supreme flavor of equanimity and serenity. The water neighboring the Ghats of the Pushkar Lake is believed to possess stupendous powers.

For instance, the water of the Naga Kund is regarded to confer potency. The Pushkar Lake is surrounded by the desert on one side and Verdant Hills around the remaining three sides. It is usually during the Pushkar Camel Fair that the lake looks phenomenally attractive and is filled to the rafters by tourists. The occasion of the Karthik Purnima, when the new moon shows up, is when the Pushkar Lake is regarded as the most bounteous and efficacious.

If you wish to explore the ambiance of the dynamic culture and tradition of India, you must definitely include a visit to the Pushkar Fair in your itinerary. The Pushkar Fair is a paradigm of the assortment of tradition and culture of India. A tour of this marvelous fair is something you will always remember.

The fair takes place annually in a small town that goes by the same name. Situated at a distance of 14 kilometers from Jaipur, the town is surrounded by sand dunes and mountains. You will totally be stunned by the magnitude of fun and merriment during the course of the five-day fair. About as many as 20 thousand folks participate in this fair. Thousands of globetrotters from all across the globe visit the fair to get a taste of the rich Indian culture.

A tour to Pushkar may also include tours to the nearby locations. Since Rajasthan is one of the most sought after states among tourists, most of them feel disposed to tours that cover various cities to get the most out of their tour to India. India Holiday Mall offers astonishing tour packages for individuals wishing to experience the cultural heritage of the beautiful town of Pushkar. In addition, we also provide comprehensive tour packages that include excursions to the most sought after attractions in Rajasthan.