Tourism in Nalagarh Fort

Posted On : 28-7-2016
Tourism in Nalagarh Fort

Nalagarh Fort apart of all its architectural beauty is also known for the sweeping view of Himalayan ranges it provides with to the travelers and to the tourists. Visiting Nalagarh Fort during winters is bliss; travelers are going to witness the amazing art of Nalagarh Fort between the mountains covered with snow.

History: Constructed in 1100AD, Nalagarh Fort was the pride of Rajput Kings. The descendants of the king are known to reside in the fort today as well. The presence of a royal family makes the visit more exciting.

Historians tell tales of Nalagarh Fort being protected by Himalayans from all the directions.

Nalagarh is a less populated area, people here are really humble and their warm hospitality is going to enamor the travelers to come here during all times of the year. The city of Nalagarh is known to inspire a lot of patriotism among its people because of its wide history related to Rajputs.

Situated at the foothills of Himalaya; Nalagarh witnesses completely different weather from the other parts of the Himachal Pradesh. Here summers are really hot and winters are dry. The presence of Himalayan leaves its effects by the end of the winters but summer starts with the start of March and lasts till October.

Nalagarh Fort has inspired a lot of forts and hotels to offer packages constituting of sports activities and of a fun trip. The concept of fort among the mountains has inspired a lot of people to spend their best days of life here. People come here after getting married to make some beautiful memories with their loved ones.

The development of forts has inspired a lot of excursions and a lot of sports activities as well; people who are skeptical of traveling to mountains either because of health reasons or because of phobia lands up here to make the most of the time. People come here to spend time making plans of life with their partners and with their nascent families.

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