Majestic Munnar: Unraveling the Tranquil Beauty of Kerala's Hill Station

Posted On : 15-3-2018
Majestic Munnar: Unraveling the Tranquil Beauty of Kerala's Hill Station

If you visit Kerala, you must definitely pay a visit to The Munnar Tea Gardens. You can capture the fascinating flora and fauna using your camera as you gallivant around the gardens. You may also get the privilege to watch the unusual species of mountain goat Ibex or Nilgiri

Tahr, flying squirrels, lion-tailed macaque, tigers, elephants, Nilgiri wood pigeons, and many others while on your trip to these gardens. The best time to go on an expedition to The Munnar Tea Gardens is between October and April as that is usually when the weather is pleasant.

While on a trip to the well-known tea gardens, ensure that you don't miss to visit the TATA Tea Museum. It is only 2 kilometers away from Munnar. This museum houses antiquated items belonging to the colonial era. The TATA Tea Museum meticulously illustrates the developments that take place in Munnar tea estates. This is clearly represented with the aid of displays such as the archaic tea roller which was later replaced by a fully-fledged self-regulating tea factory. An excursion to the museum offers you to gratify your curiosity about the different phases of tea processing. You might also learn a couple of things concerning the production of black

The spice plantations of Munnar are one of the biggest spice plantations in the state of Kerala. They are enthralling farms where you can wander around and experience the beauty of it. There are different sections for the plantation of different types of spices. The major types of spices that are produced in Munnar are pepper, garlic, nutmeg, clove, vanilla, and cinnamon.

In order to enjoy the scenic beauty of Munnar, begin your journey from Anamudi Peak which is situated inside Eravikulam National Park. The hill which stands at a height of 2695 meters is adorned with various types of flora and fauna. There are facilities organized for tourists who want to engage in trekking. There are various other adventure sports for you to enjoy like rappelling and rock climbing. One of the top tourist attractions in Munnar is Munnar Carmelagiri Elephant Park. Take an elephant safari to feast your eyes on the quaint scenes of the deep valleys, hazy forests, and craggy hill ways of the Munnar forests. You can choose from a range of packages including one hour, half-day or a one day tour.

India Holiday Mall presents a tour package to Munnar for you to relax and have adventurous holidays with your family and friends. This enchanting hill station amid the Annamalai mountains is akin to a paradise for nature enthusiasts, adventure junkies, and honeymoon couples. Book your trip in advance to ensure that your trip goes off without a hitch.