Kalimpong: A Hidden Gem in the Eastern Himalayas

Posted On : 15-3-2016
Kalimpong: A Hidden Gem in the Eastern Himalayas

Flower Nurseries are in abundance in Kalimpong as this place is known for horticulture. These flower nurseries export exotic and delightful flowers. This is the only place in the entire state where you will find commercial flower nurseries in large numbers. Located at a distance of about 3 kilometers from the city, The Universal Nursery is one of the most well-known flower nurseries in Kalimpong. Another leading nursery is the Sri Ganesh Moni Pradhan Nursery which is situated on the 12th-mile street. This nursery is remarkably known for the cultivation of a variety of orchids. Furthermore, you can also visit the Udai Mani Pradhan Nursery. For folks who have a fascination for different types of Gerbera, Dahlias, and Rose; the Standard Nursery in Chibo Busty is where you need to go.

There are a number of Gompas in Kalimpong that are worth a visit. The most notable one is the Tharpa Choeling Gompa that is a part of the Yellow Hat sect of Buddhists. The gompas are known for their superb wall paintings in addition to the fantastic views they offer.

The Sericulture Research Institute functions as a renowned center for conducting research in the sphere of sericulture. In addition, this institute also serves as a house for silkworm breeding. The center offers facilities to farmers who engage in sericulture. The institute helps by educating farmers on the process of raising silkworms and cultivating mulberry trees. The farmers gain an insight into the ways to carry out those tasks properly. Furthermore, the institute purchases the silkworm cocoons from the agriculturalists and offers them an efficient method to make money from sericulture.

A visit to the Sericulture Research Institute will allow you to take a glimpse of the various procedures involved in the production of silkworms and you will also get a firsthand experience of the techniques applied in sericulture. Therefore, it is a very advantageous center for farmers. Rearing silkworms is a great way to maximize natural resources and this institute does a praiseworthy job by furthering its practice.

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