Bodhgaya: Where Enlightenment Blooms

Posted On : 15-3-2016
Bodhgaya: Where Enlightenment Blooms

The Bodhi Tree is a hallowed tree beneath which Lord Buddha used to perform his meditation. Pilgrims who visit the tree take back the leaves of this tree as good wishes from the Lord. It is believed that a seedling from the original Bodhi Tree was taken to Sri Lanka where the Bodhi Tree still exists today.

Tourism in Bodhgaya, India

Tourists love to admire the Great Buddha Statue representing Lord Buddha in a meditating posture. The statue is built in sandstone and red granite. It took about seven years for the construction of the statue to complete.

Situated at a distance of 12 kilometers from Bodhgaya, Dungeshwari Caves were once a dwelling place of Lord Buddha. The caves illustrate awe-inspiring statues, paintings, and stone carvings of the Lord.

Sujata village was regarded as the place where Prince Siddhartha was presented with a bowl of kheer when he was resting beneath a Banyan tree, diseased and famished after practicing solemn penitence. The Prince recuperated in a miraculous manner after taking a dip in the river and having the food. After living there for a day in Sal Grove, he went to sit beneath a Pipal tree, observed meditation, and accomplished enlightenment in the night.

Some other attractions of Bodhgaya are Buddha Kund, International Buddhist House & Japanese Temple, Thai Temple & Monastery, Buddhist Monastery of Bhutan, Maitraya Project (3 km), Dungeshwari Hill (Prag bodhi) (22 km by road, Chinese Temple & Monastery, Tibetan Monastery, Archaeological Museum, 80 ft Statue of the Buddha, Brahm Yoni, Burmese Temple, Lotus Tank, and Rajayatana.

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