Tracing the Spiritual and Cultural Legacy of the Mighty Ganges

Posted On : 15-3-2016
Tracing the Spiritual and Cultural Legacy of the Mighty Ganges

According to the Hindus, they have 3 mothers – their biological woman who gave them birth, Mother Ganges and Mother India. The water of the Ganges is held in high esteem by Hindus all around the world. It is as significant as the blood in the body of the human being. Hindus believe that taking a bath in the water of Ganges will wash away all their past sins and offer them salvation.

Thousands of Hindus from all over the globe visit Varanasi to take a holy bath in the Ganges. Witnessing the pilgrims walking down the river during the early hours of the day, taking holy dips in the Ganges and conducting all the rites is always a magnificent experience.

Some of the enchanting locations that one can witness on the Tour on the Ganges include:


Haridwar is one of the ancient cities located in the state of Uttarakhand. The Ganges River makes its way into the Indo-Gangetic Plains at Haridwar for the first time. Haridwar is considered one of the most sanctified places by Hindus. This is where Amrit drops, the panacea of eternity are poured forth from the ewer while it is being held by the ethereal bird Garuda.


Rishikesh is a city situated at the Himalaya foothills in North India. This city is recognized as The Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas. There are three districts that surround the city viz. Haridwar, Pauri Garhwal, and Tehri Garhwal.


Also commonly known as Banaras, the Indian city of Varanasi is located on the banks of the Ganges river in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This place is regarded as the most consecrated of all seven hallowed places in Jainism and Hinduism. It is believed by some Hindus that the decease of a Hindu in Varanasi gains them redemption.

The mornings in Banaras are a sight for the sore eyes. A lot of exciting activities take place during the early hours every day. The ashrams, old monuments, and the places situated in the vicinity of the river appear dazzling and sparkly when the early sun shines on them. The boat ride on the Ganges in Varanasi also consists of a walking trip for you to feast your eyes on the cultural diversity in the Varanasi.

You will certainly leave with a lot of unforgettable memories to reminisce for years to come. So, what are you waiting for? Gear up to set out on a remarkable journey and have an unprecedented experience on your Tour to the Ganges.


Previous known as Calcutta, the city is the capital of the Indian state West Bengal. Kolkata is located on the eastern banks of the river Hooghly. The city is the primary cultural, trading, and educational hub of East India. With a population of over 14.1 million, Kolkata is the third most thickly settled cosmopolitan city in India. As a developing metropolitan city, Kolkata has to deal with traffic congestion, overpopulation, impoverishment in addition to socioeconomic issues.


It is a natural area in the state of West Bengal. The Sundarbans extend up to 10,000 square kilometers. Sixty percent of the region is located in the neighboring country of Bangladesh. The Sundarbans is a part of the Ganges Delta. There is also a national park in the region known as the Sundarbans National Park. The park is also a tiger reserve where more than 400 tigers dwell.