Top 5 Tribal Tour Places in India

Posted On : 15-3-2016
Top 5 Tribal Tour Places in India

Tribal India refers to the diverse indigenous communities and ethnic groups that have inhabited various regions of the country for centuries. These tribal communities have their unique languages, customs, traditions, and ways of life that are distinct from mainstream Indian culture. Tribal India is an essential part of the country's cultural diversity and heritage.

Tribal India provides a unique opportunity to understand and appreciate the rich cultural diversity that exists within the country, offering a glimpse into the indigenous way of life that has withstood the test of time.

Famous Tribal Tour Places in India


This state shares international borders with the country Myanmar and is known to reside likes of 16 tribes in its land. The fascinating life of people in the villages and in the towns of the Nagaland are going to enamor you for lifelong, you are going to spend all your life in the awe of the beauty you are going to witness here. The Hornbill Festival is going to be the icebreaker of the travel to Nagaland.


The state with a new name is known to be one of the largest reserves of tribes in India. They are known to be the real home of 62 different tribes in the country. The scorching heat and the pleasant sea make this land the best place for the tribal to reside. The lake attracts a lot of tourists all of them end up falling in love with the amazing land of God and tribal.


The colored land of India is known for its war history. It has a culture that values color, music, and dance and at the same time, it also values the tribal culture of working hard and finding their own path out. The land is also known as the Veer Bhoomi because of the fights tribal gave to the rulers of Mughal and English in the past.


The birth land of Shivaji Maharaja is the real home of almost 50 varied tribes. The development has helped tribal people in acquiring odd jobs to sustain their lives but the culture is still intact. People follow all the rituals and the Shiva Ji maharaja is still worshipped here.


The land with some political turmoil has a culture that no one can ignore. It is the state to hold the largest population of tribes in the country. The tribes are still known to live in Jungles and eat odd fodder. The state celebrates Dussehra with a lot of passion and pride.

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