Top 15 Things to do in Rishikesh

Posted On : 22-10-2019
Top 15 Things to do in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a mesmerizing place set between the snow-capped mountains of Uttrakhand and glistening beside the Holy River Ganga. The serenity, pure air, greenery, and chants of Hindu prayers will purify your soul as well. This city is also known as the “Capital of Yoga”! The backdrop of Rishikesh and yoga in peace is a perfect combination for every traveller seeking tranquillity and solitude in India. Uttrakhand attracts thousands of tourists every year due to pilgrimage and romantic places. Many fitness freaks also prefer Rishikesh one of the best destinations concerning Yoga in India. So are you planning to immerse yourself in this holy city?

Check Out the list of Top 15 Things you can do in Rishikesh -

River Rafting

Rishikesh rafting is popular across the country as the Ganga River flowing through the Himalayas, makes it an ideal place for rafting. If you are an adventure freak, this activity should be your top priority as waving through chilled Ganga, and adrenaline rush adds a different level of thrill at every footstep, keeping your safety in limelight.

2. Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is one of the exciting and thrilling activities, in which, one stands at the edge of the high peak and jumps in the air with a suspended harness that stretches completely. This activity is most loved by people, but High blood pressure individuals and pregnant women are not allowed to participate in this adventure.

3. Flying Fox

Flying fox is quite similar to zip-lining wherein one has to slide from two attached points besides a horizontal drop. This entire practice replicates the name- flying fox, which is conducted next to River Ganga by many tour operators across the region.

4. Take a Giant Swing

Though the concept in the giant swing is similar to that of bungee jumping, yet there are major differences between the two. The bungee jumping is to jump freely until the rope stretches, but in a giant swing, one takes a swing into the air keeps swinging in a pendulum motion. People who are in general fit can participate in this activity.

5. Enjoy Camps on the Banks of Ganga

Undoubtedly, Rishikesh has witnessed the history of India significantly unlike other states. That’s the reason this city introduces a blend of modern and traditional culture. The Himalayan Mountains and chills River Ganga makes this place perfect for camps! You will discover innumerable operators offering camping services.

6. Touch the Peaks

Being a famous hill station of North India, Rishikesh provides travellers with an amazing trekking experience. The deep valleys enclosed by flora and fauna, you trek in places like Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Badrinath that are just mesmerizing as Rishikesh. You can enjoy this place in summers and trek without any hassle.

7. Jump off a Cliff

As the name states, all you need to do is stand at the cliff at the height of 8 to 30 meter, and take a dip into the River Ganga. This is without any doubt an adrenaline rush and people with weak hearts should avoid trying this activity. You can experience this dip and create an unforgettable memory of Rishikesh!

8. Enjoy the Ganga Aarti at Triveni Ghat

Ganga is the holy River of India and so the people of Rishikesh show their devotion towards it by performing Aarti at Triveni Ghat. Every evening the paths are lightened up, which makes this place worth watching.

9. Beatles Ashram

Beatles shared a strong connection with Rishikesh that enable them to visit this place more often. Many of their video shoots have been done in this Ashram. You can add Beatles ashram in your priority list as it offers amazing art and paintings of that era.

10. Do take Ayurvedic Massage

Rishikesh is blessed with abundant natural beauty, so you’ll find innumerable Ayurvedic massage that will help you relax your mind, bind, and soul from the daily hustle of the city life. There are some popular massage centers in the city that will leave you peaceful! All the massage centers utilize herbals and scented oils to make you feel stress-free.

11. Yoga in Rishikesh

As I have mentioned before, Yoga in Rishikesh is world-famous due to its serene natural beauty and fresh air not stimulates your body but rejuvenates your mind as well. Rishikesh Yogipeeth and Anand Prakash are the main yoga centers.

12. Soak in the Air at Lakshman Jhula

As per the epics of Ramayana, Laxman builds this Jhula to cross the River Ganga along with his elder brother Ram and Lady Sita. You can walk on the bridge and soak in the cold fresh air, but in the day the bridge bubbles a little while walking.

13. Café Hopping

Besides, Rishikesh is recognized for its rich and vibrant culture and faith towards religion; it is also home to major café’s. Some of the popular café’s include Beatles café, Café Delmar, Café Karma, and the list goes on, enabling you to get rid of religious stuff.

14. Explore Rajaji National Park

Though people often overlook this national park and some are not mindful of this park, Rajaji is recognized for the highest number of elephants. Besides this, there are unique birds and deer that stay in this national park.

15. Eat Unlimited

The Garhwal traditional meal is one of the mouth-watering foods that travellers will come across. There is a small restaurant in Rishikesh that has been in the market for years now, offering pure and delicious traditional food.