Tarnetar Festival Gujarat: A Vibrant Celebration of Tradition and Culture

The Tarnetar Fair, also known as the Tarnetar Festival or Trinetreshwar Mahadev Fair, is a vibrant and colorful traditional fair celebrated in the town of Tarnetar in Gujarat, India. It is one of the most famous and oldest fairs in the state, attracting thousands of visitors, both locals and tourists, every year.

Posted On : 18-10-2016
Tarnetar Festival Gujarat

Free-spirited folk dances are going to enamor you for lifelong. If you are visiting this place as a tourist or as an enthusiast traveler then this fair is going to leverage you with an experience like never before. It is the place where you are going to find everything from expressions, colored dresses, sparkling ornaments, and amazing food. Photographers are going to rename this festival as the mecca of photography and food lovers are going to redefine exquisiteness.

There's a lot to be explored about Tarnetar Festival Gujarat. Drummers from across the world come here to participate in competitions and win handsome prize money. The talent show organized attracts millions of eyes from across the world and it also involves clamoring shows of drum beatings and dancing.

Rahado the famous dance is performed by the special team of women hailing from the Zalawad tribe. Their dance is like a hallmark of the fair. Black zimi (skirt) is the symbol that the girl wearing it is married while red zimi (skirt) is the indication that the girl wearing it is unmarried and is looking for an ideal partner in the fair. The competent guys are dressed in properly tide dhotis. The men and women participate in a lot of dance and singing rounds to get a chance to select a partner for them while the saints and sadhus keep singing loudly in the background.

The exhibition of this fair on a large scale allows the local handlooms with the opportunity to showcase their talent and sell a deal of their creation to the people coming from varied corners of the world.

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This very year the festival is slated to be organized between the seventeenth of September to the nineteenth of September. The world is going to come down to this beautiful land and will witness the biggest ever fair of matchmaking.

A lot of men will go back home with a beautiful bride while all the tourists are going to take back the most exquisite and colorful set of memories with some artifacts sold by the local villagers at the stall. The government plays an important role in organizing these festivals hence one can always locate the best of arrangements.


The Tarnetar Fair is typically held during the month of Bhadrapada (August or September) on the occasion of the Bhadarvi Purnima, which is the full moon day of the Bhadrapada month in the Hindu calendar. The fair generally lasts for three to four days, with the main celebrations taking place on the full moon day.


The fair has both cultural and religious significance. It is primarily associated with the legend of the swayamvara (marriage ceremony) of Draupadi, the iconic character from the Hindu epic Mahabharata. According to local folklore, Draupadi's swayamvara took place in Tarnetar, making the fair a commemoration of that event.

Festivities and Highlights:

Traditions and Rituals: The fair begins with religious rituals and prayers at the Trinetreshwar Mahadev Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, which is the main attraction of the fair. Devotees take a holy dip in the nearby reservoir before offering their prayers at the temple.

Vibrant Costumes: One of the unique aspects of the Tarnetar Fair is the colorful and traditional costumes worn by both men and women. Women, in particular, adorn themselves in beautiful and elaborate embroidered traditional attire, creating a vibrant and visually stunning atmosphere.

Folk Dances and Music: The fair is filled with various folk dance performances and music shows, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Gujarat. The most famous dance performed during the fair is the "Rasada" dance, where groups of women dance in a circular formation, accompanied by traditional musical instruments.

Art and Craft: The fair is an excellent opportunity to witness and purchase traditional handicrafts and handloom products from Gujarat. Artisans and craftsmen from various parts of the state gather at the fair to display and sell their wares.

Matchmaking: Traditionally, the Tarnetar Fair has also been a platform for young people to find potential life partners. Families participate in the fair with the intention of finding suitable matches for their sons and daughters.

Sports and Games: Various sports and traditional games are organized during the fair, adding a touch of excitement and competition to the festive atmosphere.

The Tarnetar Fair provides an excellent opportunity to experience the rich culture, traditions, and colors of Gujarat. The lively festivities, the colorful attire, the folk dances, and the religious rituals make it a must-visit event for those seeking an authentic cultural experience in India.