Taj Mahotsav - An Admired Festival of India

Posted On : 15-3-2019
Taj Mahotsav - An Admired Festival of India

Love is a beautiful feeling, and if it is true people could sacrifice their lives. One such symbol of love is the world-famous “Taj Mahal”. It is the best example of artistically expressed love, and every year people from different countries witness this marble architecture astonishingly. Taj Mahal Tour Agra is the popular one that could take you through various forts in Agra and also let you feel the Taj Mahal inside out. In addition to the beauty of this Mahal, Agra tourism organizes an extravagance festival every year in February called “Taj Mahotsav”.

Taj Mahotsav reveals the rich and cultural heritage of India and showcase premium specimens of Indian craftsmanship. Everyone waits for this festival disparately, which is held at Slipagram near the Taj Mahal from 18thFeb - 27th Feb. This festival is a platform for all the musicians, artisans, and dancers to showcase their talent and creativity. Not only just handicrafts, but there are many musical and dance performances in the evening for the people.

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History of Taj Mahotsav

Taj Mahotsav is celebrated every year, since 1992, and now it’s been 25 years. The connotation of this period lies in the Mughal period. The enthralling and romantic milieu of the Taj Mahal along with the hustle of the festival makes everything brightening and amazing. The primary focus of Taj Mahotsav is the cultural dance performances, fairs, and food, which entices thousands of tourists every year.

How the Mahotsav began?

The demonstration is a clear indication of Nawabs and their phases. On the first day, the event starts with a grand procession with Calvary and camels decorated with bright clothes. There are drum players and dancers with traditional costumes, folk artists and even skilled craftsmen participate in this event. They all wear traditional attires and with great enthusiasm, showcase their unique expertise, and earn well.

It’s been said that around more than 400 renowned artists from different parts of India and the world comes to display their art, work, and skills at the festival. This festival is not only an opportunity for the artists but even for woodcarvers, metal workers, potters, and hand workers. It provides visitors with a wide range of unique items and allows them to witness talent from every nook and corner of the country. The folk dance and music performances are another outstanding activity which you shouldn’t miss at any cost. These performances will surely keep you fascinated by their extreme talent.

What’s intriguing about the festival?

You would experience crafts that include woodcarvings from Saharanpur, the silk of Varanasi, carpets, and shawls from Gujarat/Kashmir, blue pottery of Khurja, handmade rugged and carpet of Bhadohi, hand printing from Farrukhabad, brass and various metalwork of Moradabad, Chicken work from Lucknow, bamboo/cane from North East India, wood/stone carving from Tamil Nadu, Kantha stitch from West Bengal, and paper and mash work from South India. You can also witness the famous Zari work from Banaras, Zardozi work from Agra, and a lot more.

Food and Performances

One of the most alluring parts of Taj Mahotsav is the food festival where you’ll get several old and some of the common items from the heart of Uttar Pradesh and other parts of India and other neighboring nations. Some of the food items include samosa, poori sabji, chole bhature, Amritsari naan, Hyderabadi biryani, and sweets like rasgulla, gulab jamun, etc.

Not only the mouthwatering foodstuff, but the majestic performances will give you a reflection of ancient India. Besides, everyone has their own to keep themselves entertained; the children can indulge themselves in numerous rides as well as the beautiful roller coaster or the smaller ones like a merry-go-around or train ride.

The Taj Mahotsav also gives you a chance to ride on animals like camel and elephant. And still, if you want more ways to entertain yourself, then exploring the magnificent Taj Mahal is the ideal choice.

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