Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve: A Sanctuary of Wilderness

Posted On : 15-3-2017
Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

At Tiger Trails, near Nagpur, the wild knocks on your door. If you are looking for close encounters of the wild kind on your weekend, head to the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve near Nagpur, in Maharashtra.

This expanse of untamed splendor, with its tall teak trees, bamboo grasses, and wide-open pastures are home to the tiger, sloth bear, leopard, the gaur (Indian bison) and a variety of deer. It is a bird lover’s paradise, too. And to savor it all, check-in at Tiger Trails, a resort where the wilderness reaches your doorstep.

It was almost two-decade ago that conservationist Amrut Dhanwatay chanced upon a piece of land in the Chinchghat Valley here. Enfolded by the dense thicket, the valley serves as a corridor for wildlife. It is an ideal place for a resort.

The red-roofed lodge sits amidst acres of virgin forest, with its own pond. The wood apple tree at the water’s edge is home to weaverbirds and the water channel hosts a variety of fish. The grasses along its banks teem with moorhens, jacanas, and teals. Since all wildlife in the park moves through this passageway, you often get to hear the call of a tiger. Mornings unwrap to an orchestra of bird sound. Nestling in this dramatic ampi theatre are macbans, on which one can spend an adventurous night.

An early drive into the reserve is a treat. Herds of Sambar and chital graze on the grasslands, families of gaur wander around, a pack of wild dogs peeks from among the grasses, and crocs lazily sunbathe. And you are most likely to encounter the striped beast.

The wildlife reserve falls into territory that was once part of the Gond rulers. These tribals, who held sway in this region, had an effective communication system to announce the movement of their king. The bell pillars that heralded the king’s arrival still stand.

At Tiger trails, you can opt for various activities like driving and hiking. Or you can simply relax.

Getting There

By Air: The nearest airport is Nagpur, 205 km from Tadoba.

By Rail: The Nearest railway station is Chandrapur. Many express trains on the south/central route stop here. By Road: Chandrapur to Tadoba is 4 km. Taxis can be hired from Chandrapur.

Season: March-June