Street Food in India: A Culinary Adventure

Street food is an integral part of Indian cuisine and offers a diverse and flavorful culinary experience. Each region in India has its own specialty street foods that reflect the local culture and ingredients.

Posted On : 26-7-2016

Best Street Foods Places of India


Ask any local in Delhi what the love about the city, the answer would certainly include an honorable mention to street food. If Delhi is the national capital, Chandni Chowk, in Old Delhi is undoubtedly the capital of Delhi in terms of street food. Paranthasfrom the world-famous Paranthewali Gali in ChandniChowk never fail to top the list of Delhi street foods.

You can choose from over 100 varieties of custom made paranthas here, served with pickle, curd, and vegetable. Strolling further down the serpentine streets of old Delhi a non-vegetarian can't help but be drawn to the aroma of one of the region's signature fripperies, the Nihari, at Kareem's. This richly cooked, spicy potage of slow-cooked meat is served with hot tandoori rotis or khameerirotis. Other famous street foods of Delhi include chaat, chole bhature, naga cuisines, and Indo-Chinese cuisines.


If tangy and spicy is what pleases your taste buds, then Hyderabad is heaven for you. The main course here is royal and delicious in the form of Biryani, eaten in the Nizam way. The Hyderabadi Biryani is believed to have been brought to the city by Muslim travelers. It's amazing how just meat and spices cooked in a utensil with rice can taste so scrumptious.


Jaipur offers a fair variety of street food right from Jalebis to Gol Gappa. Most of the street food here would be found in the form of an appetizer or a dessert. Don't forget to try the delectable Lassi here, made of fresh curd.


Hitting the streets in Lucknow for food is like going on a pilgrimage! In this land of generous nawabs and Haute Awadhi cuisine, an extra vagantdastarkhwan awaits all food worshippers. The street food from the dingy streets tops the charts with a highly evolved gastronomic quotient. Some of the famous street foods in Lucknow include Aloo Tikki, Bhel, Jhalmuri, Dahi Puri, Panipuri, and Poori-Aloo.

Down south, Cochin also offers some of the best varieties of street food, the mention of which is sure to give you hunger pangs. One can say that the variety of street foods found in India, reflects the diversity of cultures in the country. So what are you waiting for, pack your bags and rush to the country of Deli and desserts!