Solo Traveling in India Tips You Need To Learn Now

Posted On : 15-3-2020
Solo Traveling in India Tips You Need To Learn Now

Solo travel in India is quite popular among young female travelers as the country is always in headlines concerning women's safety. However, there are many places where you would feel completely safe. No doubt, there are crimes in the country, but the government of India pays special attention to women's safety. You don’t have to worry and explore the places the way you want without any hesitation.

Here in this blog, I’ll be sharing a few smart tips for the women who are on an India tour or planning for it:

1. Smile Harder

There’s a myth among Women tour India that smiling is considered a wrong way among Indians. But that’s not true; you can smile freely and let yourself enjoy appropriately with freedom.

2. Click Pictures with Citizen

Many boys will ask for a picture together; we advise you not bluntly say no to them. Be polite and take a group photo with everyone, there’s no harm. You can take pictures freely with a family this will make you feel good.

3. People are Supportive

The people of India are very supportive. If you’re stuck at any place or forgot the direction you can ask for help. More so, the chosen travelers by you will guide you properly and make sure that you reach every destination safely.

4. Make a Scene if Something Happens

You can feel entirely safe while traveling on roads or buses in the city. If you find something weird action happening to you, make a scene then and there. People of India often overcrowd after hearing you and take strict action against such bullshit.

5. Wear What you Want

If you’re clubbing or exploring Goa, you can wear whatever you want. However, if you’re exploring rural areas we would recommend you to taste the culture of India, be it clothes or food, try everything and enjoy the moment.

6. Don’t Hesitate to Complain about Eve-Teasing

If you come across eve-teasing or someone tries to touch you weirdly, take strict action. You can file a complaint about such men so that they would never harass any women. But the cases are rare in such events.

7. Be comfortable

There’s no need to feel uncomfortable in India, people have welcoming hearts here. Individuals respect the guests that are travelers so that you would love to visit the country again.