Pragpur Heritage Village

Posted On : 28-7-2016
Pragpur Heritage Village

Pragpur Village is known to be the home of the most beautiful forts. The rich history of the village has leveraged it with some of the exquisite forts that attract the eyes of the architectures and photographers from around the world.

This village has been the hub of foreign tourists since its inception into the list of Heritage list -

A Huge Shopping Destination

The narrow streets of the village are a treat for shoppers. It brings to them the real culture and artifacts from the past. The travelers will love to shed a lot of money on these artifacts for decorating their houses.

People are going to acquire the best of stones and also the best of statues developed by the local people.

The Judge’s Court

The Judge’s Court was once known to be a Mansion of the Justice Jai Lal Sir nowadays his son is known to run a hotel in the same. The hotel is known across the world with the name of The Judge’s Court. It provides travelers with the best of accommodation and also with the tastiest of the food.

People come here to enjoy a lot of other fun-filled activities like dance programs and bonfire nights. Judge’s Court happens to be the best destination for couples to stay. The amazing ambiance is going to make your honeymoon a lot more interesting and a lot more memorable.

At the Judge’s Court, you are going to witness the diverse culture of the Pragpur and you will also witness the best of hospitality.

India Holiday Mall brings to you the best of trips to the first Heritage Village of India. You are going to have a lot of fun roaming across the bazaars of the village and meeting local people. India Holiday Mall is going to be your partner of the excursion. You will experience the best of hospitality at Judge’s Court when you go with India Holiday Mall.