Jaipur: The Pink City's Must-See Destinations

Posted On : 22-10-2019
Places to Visit in Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the popular destinations among travellers. You would find some amazing and unforgettable places in Jaipur that will directly touch your heart and soul. This city has the ability to rejuvenate you in a short span of time, be it religious places, forts, beautiful palaces, wildlife sanctuaries, and art galleries. This pink city has everything to offer! More so, Jaipur forts and palaces are major attractions, which are an amalgamation of both contemporary and traditional architecture. Jaipur is overflowing with a plethora of luxurious palaces, and forts, colourful bazaars, and streets along with modernity.

Before you get in turmoil while preparing a curate list of places, we’ve outlined the top 5 places in Jaipur that one should, must-visit:

1. Amber Fort and Palace

Nestled in the midst of the charming and rocky Aravalli hills, Amber fort should not be missed when you’re in Jaipur. A great king, named as Raja Man Singh laid the foundation stone of this fort and further Mirja Raja Jai Singh. Carved with red sandstone and white marble, Amber fort simply appears to be magnificent and mesmerizing. The scenic view of Maota Lake and the panoramic of sunsets and sunrise make this destination one-of-kind. The major attraction here is “Sheesh Mahal” or “Palace of Mirrors”, which is decorated with pieces of tiles. Even a single ray of the sun passing through this hall can illuminate everything within the palace.

2. Nahargarh Fort

To enjoy a complete view of the Pink city, Nahargarh Fort is the best place to visit. This fort was built by Jai Singh II, which was earlier recognized as Sudarshangarh, and later it was renamed as Nahargarh. Thereafter, the Maharaja of Jaipur reconstructed the fort to consolidate the security of this region. In history, this fort has served as a protection shield for the wives of the British during Sepoy Mutiny, in the year 1857. You can have a wonderful evening at Nahargarh fort, when the whole city lightens ups, providing you sparkling view. Jungles around this fort served as the major hunting place of Maharajas, some decades ago.

3. City Palace

City Palace is famous as it is located in the heart of Pink City, considered as the most significant monuments in the list. Shielded by huge impounding walls, City palace is a fusion of Rajput and Mughal architecture. Whether you prefer it to be an everlasting architecture or the fascinating decoration, you could surely feel the taste of real Rajputs of ancient times. Every corner of this palace is filled with some great carvings from the past, making City palace a must-visit place.

4. Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal is also called “Palace of Winds” was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1789 boasting an amazing architecture. This palace has five-story and is constructed in the shape of honeycomb including 953 small windows, which are called jharokhas are decorated with latticework. This place represents the scientific vision of the Maharaja because these small windows always provide you with breezy air, regardless of the season. Hawa Mahal is recognized as a popular summer destination in Rajasthan.

5. Jantar Mantar Observatory

Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh who ruled Jaipur was a famous theorist of the ancient period. After, overcoming all the milestones of constructing this planned city Jaipur, Maharaja then built five astronomical instruments to study space. These instruments are called Jantar Mantar, which means calculating the instrument. From which, the largest of the instrument located in Jaipur has been declared as a UNESCO Heritage Site that now serves as one of the best tourist places in Jaipur.