On the Buddhist Trail: Discovering the Path to Enlightenment

Posted On : 15-3-2017
On the Buddhist Trail

The Buddhist Trail is a journey that takes travelers through some of the most significant and sacred Buddhist sites across Asia. These sites hold immense historical, spiritual, and cultural significance and offer an opportunity to explore the origins and spread of Buddhism. The trail covers locations in India, Nepal, Bhutan, and other countries with a rich Buddhist heritage.


Spread over two sites, the remains of Kaushambi are associated with the sixth-and ninth-year sermons of Lord Buddha. The site has a fort near the river Yamuna, believed to date sixth century BC, with signs of occupation from eight century BC to sixth century AD. There is also a 25 m high stupa with the same diameter, a sandstone column of the Ashokan period, and relics of various historic periods.

Allahabad is about an hour from Kaushambi and has a good choice of hotels.


Kapilvastu, or Piprahwa, is revered as the seat of power of the Shakya dynasty to which Siddhartha Gautam Buddha was born. Buddha, or Shakyamuni, is said to have spent the 29 years between his birth at Lumbini and renouncing worldly life at the Ganwariya archaeological site here. There is a stupa here and some smaller sites nearby.

Gorakhpur is 110 km from the site, which is known as Piprahwa. UP Tourism provides accommodation here.


This was the place where Buddha spent many of his monsoon months preaching amongst his followers. It has stupas and shrines, but the most notable attractions are the Ananda Bodi Tree and the Japanese World Peace Bell, said to convey the message of Buddha when it tolls.

A three-hour drive from the airport and railway station of Lucknow. UP Tourism has accommodation at Balrampur, about 17 km from the site.

This site has an Ashoka Pillar and a Buddha temple and is associated with the descent of Gautam Buddha from heaven after giving a sermon with Hindu deities.

lt is located about 200 km from Agra and 45 km from Farrukhabad. UP Tourism provides accommodation here.

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