Nepal - Travel Tips, Things to do and Attractions

Posted On : 22-10-2019
Nepal - Travel Tips, Things to do and Attractions

Nepal is renowned as the Himalayan Kingdom, a picturesque country that one must visit once in a lifetime. Many travelers are choosing Nepal Tour Packages for enjoying an exciting and wonderful vacation with their family or loved ones. Moreover, this is an adventurous spot as it boasts some of the highest peak points across the world. However, being a new traveler you might worry to visit a new place that you haven’t visited ever and don’t know the language as well. But stay stress-free!

We’ve outlined essential tips for people traveling to this country as well as some highlights of Nepal.

Don’t go for Solo Trekking

In the past few years, many solo trekkers have got disappeared in the mountains of Nepal. That’s the reason we would recommend you to avoid solo trekking. You can take a guide with you or join any group of trekkers.

Carry a Universal Adapter

Many travelers have got stuck with their electronic devices as they didn’t get the right kind of plug to their device. That’s why we also advise you to carry a universal adapter and play safe.

Beware of Money Scamming Taxis

Nepal taxi drivers are famous for their useless tricks by charging the customer a high price. You should make sure that their meter is working and they’re charging you accordingly before stepping into the taxi.

Keep Extra Passport Photographs

Keeping extra passport copies may seem foolish but it can be of great use. If you’re traveling on visa on arrival, then passport photographs can immensely help you in saving you time.

Hit the Nightclub Early

The disappointing fact about Nepal nightlife is many clubs here shutdowns by 10 pm. So if you’re planning to enjoy the whole night doing parties, then it could be a bad idea. You should hit the club by 7 pm so that you can enjoy the maximum time.

What are the things to do in Nepal?

1. Trekking in the Himalayas

Typically, Nepal is the Himalayan country and you cannot just let go of the fun of trekking to these mountains. The most amazing fact about Nepal is that it has a trail for everyone, regardless of age. You can opt for smaller trail or larger ones, depending on your choice. But should experience Himalayan trek once in a lifetime.

2. River Rafting

The insane and scenic landscape of Nepal provides you with an enthralling river rafting experience that you should never miss out on. We would highly recommend to all the travelers to go for river rafting, whether you are on a short or long trip.

3. Get amazed with the Culture of Kathmandu

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal that boasts a list of UNESCO World Heritage sites that are worth visiting. It hits the first position for having unique temples such as Pashupati, Swayambhu, and Boudhanath.

4. Adventure Sports

Thousands of tourists visit Nepal every year due to the adrenaline-addicted adventures it offers. From paragliding to skydiving over Everest Mountain, mountain flights, and bungee jumps along the Himalayas. Nepal creates a special place in the traveler’s heart as there’ so many things to do in Nepal.