Exploring the Pristine Beauty and Thrills of Kashmir's Gulmarg

Posted On : 15-3-2016
Exploring the Pristine Beauty and Thrills of Kashmir's Gulmarg

The fascinating land of vibrant flowers, towering snow-capped mountains, lavish greenery, serene valleys – rejoice in all of these on your tour to the pleasant city of Gulmarg. This magnificent city is situated in the district of Baramula of Kashmir.

Gulmarg is a tranquil hill resort in Jammu and Kashmir which entices excursionists from all around the world. If you are tired of the drudging life of the city, book your holiday package to Gulmarg and set out on an amazing journey to get a second wind.

A trip to Gulmarg will transport you to a fantasy world embellished with cup-shaped hayfields. Everything that you lay your eyes on will never cease to amaze you. Allow the diverse colors of daisies to relieve you like never before. If you are planning to visit India, Gulmarg is one destination that you shouldn’t miss.

Gondola in Jammu and Kashmir is the second-highest cable car in the world. A tour to Gulmarg is not complete unless you go for a Gondola ride. The ride lets you enjoy the sight of the awe-inspiring beauty of the Gulmarg valley. The ride is set up in two stages. While the first one is generally used for tourists, the second ride is for the skiers.

Adventure freaks will have a whale of a time riding the chair cars that go from Kongdoori to Marry Shoulder, one of the popular skiing spots here. Riding the cable cars a thousand feet above the ground in addition to the snow-capped mountains below is certainly a mix of fear and excitement.

A breathtaking water body of the Alpather Lake and Apharwat Peaks is an astonishing sight. Covered by endless meadows and rocky mountains, this lake is undoubtedly every landscape photographer’s delight. Owing to the overwhelming landscape, the lakeshore has become a favorite attraction for the locals and tourists. The lake freezes during the winter season and the fields in the environs get covered in snow. This bewitching location, about 13 kilometers away from Gulmarg, is truly a wondrous place to visit.

About 10 kilometers from Gulmarg, Ningle Nallah is a captivating mountain brook that streams through lush green valleys. With the snow-capped hills in the background and pastures of blossoming wildflowers, this spectacular stream makes for a surreal setting that one usually finds only in crayon sketches and screensavers. A heaven for nature enthusiasts, this attraction offers a lot of scenic views waiting to be captured. Snap pictures of those light moments you share with your family and friends so that you can cherish them forever.

As you will set your foot in the land known for its picturesque beauty by opting for the holiday packages offered by India Holiday Mall, you will feel the interaction with the tranquilizing atmosphere.