Essence of Incredible India: A Journey into Diversity and Splendor

Posted On : 15-3-2018
Essence of Incredible India

The essence of "Incredible India" lies in its immense diversity, vibrant culture, rich history, and breathtaking landscapes. This multifaceted country is a melting pot of traditions, religions, languages, and cuisines.

The essence of Incredible India lies in its ability to captivate and enchant visitors with its kaleidoscope of experiences. The country's uniqueness lies in embracing its contrasts, coexistence of tradition and modernity, and the sheer variety of experiences it offers to those who explore its wonders.

Some of the top location choices include:


The destination of Goa is renowned worldwide for its serene beaches, the beautiful Malabar coast and best of all a one of a kind party culture. The bustling streets of Goa attract tourists from not just in and around India but in most parts of the world as well. Be it Baga Beach or Candolim the place is marked by its signature resorts which provide an elevating holiday experience for you to unwind. The adventure lovers shall be satiated with challenging treks and water sports in the offering too.


The national capital is a must-visit if one wishes to capture the essence of the Nation. At the heart of the capital are arrays of eateries, busy shops and monumental structures like the Red Fort, Qutab Minar, and Jama Masjid all of which commemorate the great religious and cultural diversity of the nation of India fosters. Delhi is also a top-notch cosmopolitan city which indicates the leaps India has been making as an upcoming developing nation!

Rajasthan and Agra

Both a part of the ever so significant Golden Triangle, these locations have a lot to offer. Rajasthan with its regal essence has a unique flavor attached to it, complete with forts, royal palaces, and savory foods. Agra possesses the world-famous Taj Mahal, a symbol of love, an architectural wonder, and any tourist's dream location.


Often known as the city of dreams or by its former name Bombay, Mumbai is the home of Bollywood ( Indian Cinema). The financial capital of the nation has an amazing stretch of roads alongside beaches, a mesmerizing coastline, and is great for incoming tourists. The Gateway of India, Mahalakshmi Temple, and the Mumbai High Court are few of the many places which are to be checked off the list in Mumbai.


The southwestern state of Kerala is known for its soothing backwaters and unique topography. Studded with coconut plantations along the length of the state, it is also a hub for Indian medicine and healing. The beaches of Kozhikode, Cochin, and the amazing Alleppey district are all scenic wonders in their own right. The banana chips and delicacies made out of coconut are very tasty and offer a unique insight into the South Indian Cuisine.

All in all, be it the party place which never sleeps or the calming backwaters which offer tranquillity and peace, India has got a diverse list of places to visit. The visitors would enjoy it more with perfect customization of the tour, and India Holiday Mall does just that. It puts together the choicest of the destination so as to ensure that the visitor feels the trip is tailor-made to their liking. This ensures everyone who visits India makes the most of their time here!