The Culture of India: A Mosaic of Diversity and Tradition

Posted On : 22-10-2019
Culture of the India

Do you know the true meaning of the proverb “Unity in diversity”? Well, it means that people live in unity with a diverse culture and this is what India represents! India is recognized for its rich culture and heritage across the globe. Tourism of India has surely been on people’s minds once in a lifetime as this place is blissful and blessed with abundant beauty. Explore this country from north to south or east to west you will only find beauty, beauty, and beauty.

When it comes to the culture of India few pedestals cannot describe it in words as India boasts a diverse culture that surprises people on India travel. Since the time of Mughals, Mauryas, Cholas to British rule, India is known for its supreme hospitality and traditions. The warmth in relations and ecstasy in celebrating every festival or happiness together, India stands apart from other countries. This habit of Indians is the limelight of India tour that attracts thousands of tourists every year from various countries.

Now let’s take a look at a few highlights of this country:

1. Beautiful Festivals

India celebrates a variety of festivals due to its diverse culture and traditions. Throughout the year you will find some of the other states of India celebrating festivals, which add to the essence of India’s rich culture and heritage. From religious celebrations to commemorating seasons and various other patriotic events, Indians festivals are an incredible fiesta.

From the beginning of every year, several parts of the country celebrate their own festivals that include Lohri, Bihu, Pongal, Makar Sankranti, along with the Indian Republic day and Jaipur Literature Festival, which are held in January. Goa Carnival, Dance Festivals in Khajuraho and Konark, Jaisalmer Desert Festival, Flower Festivals, and Mela are held in February. March is fortunately made beautiful with spills of colors and this festival is called Holi along with Elephant festival and Marwari Festival, and a lot more.

So if you’re planning to explore this divine country and love festivals at the same time, then check your vacation dates as per the festival you want to visit in.

2. Mouthwatering Food

Same as the festivals, you could find a variety of cuisine in India that differs from place to place. Most of the popular dishes are dated back to the history of this country, which is thousands of years or older. You can find this taste in major Heritage hotels, five-star hotels, roadside, resorts and many other places across the country.

India is known for spices and alike you’ll find in their food along with lots of herbs. There are countless cooking techniques in India used for the same purpose. Similar to ancient Indian culture where gastronomy was used in history, especially the Vedic period when maximum recipes came into existence. During the Gupta Dynasty, modern cooking techniques came into play. Mughalai food became very famous across the country and you’ll still find many restaurants in India offering Mughalai dishes. Besides this, Portuguese, French, Dutch were also popular those days.

As each region has its specialty, it becomes quite difficult to choose the right cuisine for yourself from so many options available.

3. Myriad of Religions

Indians' way of life greatly depends upon their religions. There are diverse beliefs, faiths, religions, and sects that worship the almighty in so many ways. This country has given birth to so many religions that impact the clothes, foods, and festivals of India. If we compare the religions with the whole world, then Hinduism and Buddhism are the third and fourth-largest religions on earth. The almighty is worshipped in different shrines, customs, pilgrimages, as well as festivals.

4. Mesmerizing Art and Crafts

India represents the world’s most unique arts and crafts as the history of India has witnessed a lot of revolution of different kings from different countries. The art and craft of India have their own history, masterpieces, and wonders. Starting from tribal handicrafts to colorful artwork of Rajasthan, South India, Gujarat, and the Himalayas, the work is incredible. You will definitely fall in love with this country with its amazing creativity.

5. Holy Architecture

Architectural Heritage of India is approx.2000 years old representing some major religions of India. Buddhist Stupas and monasteries, Hindu and Jain temples along with their decorative ornamentation all speak for the culture of this divine nation. This country represents some of the oldest Stupas and monasteries with Buddhist architecture that are quite alluring.

Then comes various Hindus Temples all across the country that showcases the rich Indian culture that includes North India’s Khajurao’s Shiva Temple and many South Indian temples as well. South India temples are known for its exceptional carvings, long corridors, spacious halls, making the temple beautiful. Indian culture also represents some Islamic architecture as well along with Churches, and Gurudwaras.