Coonoor, a hill station in Tamil Nadu

Posted On : 18-7-2018
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Coonoor is a hill station located in Tamil Nadu. It’s known for its Nilgiri hills and tea estates. With the plains stinting in the summer heat. what could be better than escaping to an altitude of nearly 2.000m above sea level? That’s where Coonoor is, making it perfect for a short break from Bengaluru or Chennai this season. However, Coonoor is less touristy than Ooty but offers green vistas, tea estates, and opportunities for trekking to the visitors.

Tourist Places in Coonor

There's much to see and do here. To begin with, head to Hidden Valley, lush and green, set against dramatic mountain capes. Much of it can be explored only on foot, so it's a splendid trekking zone. If the route is challenging, the rewards are the spectacular views at every turn.

Go also to Droog Fort which served as Tipu Sultan’s outpost in the 18th century-reached after a three-km trek through tea gardens. Only some parts of this fort remain now but you can reimagine history and delve into the past in this picturesque setting. The watchtower of the fort provides a vantage spot from which to take in great views.

Other things to do in Coonoor include an outing to Catherine Falls, an impressive double cascade in Kotagiri. Lamb's Rock is a lookout point providing sweeping views of the Coimbatore plains. A trip to Sim's Park, a ferching botanical garden set amidst shola forests, provides for hours of pleasant walking.

You can also walk past Highfield Tea Estate and get some insights into the process of tea-making at the Guernsey Tea Factory Coonoor is also home to a rich Toda tribal culture and you can buy tribal crafts and artifacts at the charming Green Shop here.

How to reach Coonoor?

Reach Coonoor is about 280 km from Bengaluru and a six-hour drive via Mysore.

Stay Do it in style and stay at the luxurious Kunumba Village Resort which has a superb selling and great service. Shop Local produce is a nice thing to take back from Coonoor. Check out the stores that sell wild honey and handmade chocolates and take them back home for friends and family.