Exploring the Avian Wonderland: Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Posted On : 15-3-2016
Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

While a majority of the parks in India have been evolved from the hunting domains of sovereign India, Keoladeo, commonly known as Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary, conceivably, is the only reserve that has been established by a maharajah (monarch).

In ancient times, the town of Bharatpur used to be inundated repeatedly due to the torrential rains. In the year 1760, a rock dam was built to guard the town from this yearly aggravation of nature. The excavation created by uprooting the soil for the purpose of constructing the dam was cleaned which later became the Bharatpur Lake.

The prominent attractions for the sightseers visiting the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary are a diverse of seasonal birds, which migrate from as far as Central Asia and Siberia to spend the winter seasons after which they customarily fly back off to their original breeding places. The most common migratory birds you will find in this park are Eagles, Wagtails, Buntings, Cranes, Ducks, Geese, Pelicans, Flycatchers, Pipits, Wheatear, Warbles, Shanks, Hawks, etc.

In addition to the bird fauna, wildlife aficionados can also get an opportunity to spot animals such as Chinkara, Wild boar, Nilgai, Hyena, and Blackbuck. One of the most spine-tingling experiences in this bird sanctuary is observing whistling ducks fly across the orange glimmer of the sun going under. You will also revere watching the painted stork parents directing their little ones to feed on the fishes. The larger birds carry fishes and let them fall to the ground amid their chicks. They then watch the chickens fighting among each other in their attempts to clutch the fish in their tiny beaks. Owing to all these astonishing features of the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, UNESCO announced it as a World Heritage in 1985.

Although the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is accessible all around the year, the ideal time to visit the place is from the month of August to November to watch native breeding birds, whereas the months from October to February is the ideal time for migratory birds. Ensure that you prepare for the trip in advance so that you are able to enjoy watching the exquisite birds to the hilt.

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