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8 Best Waterfalls Near Delhi

Posted On : 22-10-2019
8 Best Waterfalls Near Delhi

Tour packages of India might put you in turmoil as there innumerable, beautiful and genuinely blessed in India. As we all know that India has abundant beauty to offer, which is why this country has become the top destination of travellers. Besides all the places, you should not miss the capital city of India - Delhi as historically many emperors strived to conquer this place and rule the country. Delhi itself has countless ancient monuments for travellers, yet it is a Metropolitan city you might miss on some natural air and backdrops. But once you reach the destination Delhi, you can explore many places nearby this city as it is situated in the heart of India.

People always admire waterfalls as it brings a unique kind of feeling and tranquillity in the soul. The water rush sound rolls down as if someone is playing music; it is such a melody.

So let’s Explore the list of Top 8 Waterfalls in the Proximity of Delhi -

1. Badri Falls (Solan)

Badri Falls is a fantastic waterfall destination in the vicinity of Delhi. It is positioned in the States of Himachal Pradesh, which is an adventurer spot and offers many unforgettable trekking places. This waterfall is lovely as the water smashes down the rocks along with snowy views around, it seems to be unrealistic and mesmerizing.

Best time to visit- March to June

2. Kempty Falls (Mussorie)

Kempty Falls is very famous for Delhi people who need a getaway in summers from the hot climate of the city. It is very close to Delhi, situated in Uttrakhand, which is another hill station in India. This waterfall offers an aesthetic view and is a fantastic experience to travel in the two most popular cities, Mussoorie and Dehradun.

Best time to visit- March to April and October- November

3. Chadwick Falls (Shimla)

The Chadwick waterfall is situated in the capital city of Himachal Pradesh- Shimla! In this place, you can peacefully experience the waterfall travel from the top to bottom, mesmerizing you completely. An interesting fact about this waterfall is, you could hear the sound of water rushing down from far away from the exact location.

Best time to visit- June to Mid-August

4. Bhimlat Falls (Bundi)

This exhilarating waterfall is situated in the desert state of India, which is Rajasthan. It is also proximate to Delhi. This place holds a historical significance as in the ancient period, tigers used to walk down the waterfall to refresh themselves, and nearby villages could watch them live. This place also has a local market to explore.

Best time to visit- July to September

5. Macchrial Falls (Kangra)

In the proximity of a beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala, Macchrial Falls is another breathtaking waterfall that offers an exciting and unforgettable view of the surrounding. This place is quite calm, and clean that helps you refresh yourself and escape from the hustle of city life significantly. It is quite near to Delhi.

Best time to visit- September to October

6. Birthi Falls (Munsyari)

Birthi Falls is located in the state of Uttrakhand, in the place called Munsyari. This fall is quite interesting as it is difficult to find in the hills. You will come across this waterfall when on a trek from Munsyari.

Best time to visit- June to August

7. Rehala Falls (Manali)

When you’re in Delhi, you can never neglect to explore a beautiful destination in Himachal Pradesh called Manali. Manali has so many places, and sports activities along with this magnificent Rehala falls, offering an exceptional backdrop.

Best time to visit- March to June

8. Bundla Falls (Palampur)

Palampur is a beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh that offers the serene beauty of India. This place is an offbeat tourist destination, and so the Bundla falls are untouched and isolated. You can feel your soul in the tranquillity of this place.

Best time to visit- September to October

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