20 Best Tourist Places in Kerala that You Must Visit

Posted On : 22-10-2019
20 Best Tourist Places in Kerala that You Must Visit

Kerala is an incredible State of India, which is truly blessed by abundant beauty. This state is rich in everything, be it food, traditions, people, festivals, or historical places, you would find so many things in Kerala. You’ll be mesmerized in the serene beauty of Kerala and the welcoming heart of people here. The untouched beaches, backwaters, green mountains, forests, and wildlife will last forever in your heart during Kerala tourism. Travel to Kerala will worth your time and money because it has immense to offer, but don’t get confused about places.

Therefore, we’ve made an attempt to provide you with the top 20 places in Kerala that you must visit.

Although it is tough to differentiate as there are countless places, which are indeed amazing but follow this list and you’ll be able to explore the maximum:

1. Munnar - Explore the Tea Gardens and Flora

Munnar is a beautiful hill station, nestled in the Idduki district of Kerala. Once upon a time, during the British rule, it was the summer capital for them. However, Munnar is now famous for its excellent tea gardens and tea museums. It should be a part of your Holiday Packages of Kerala as you can also explore with it wildlife safari, dams, parks, etc.
Best time to visit - October to November

2. Kochi-Enjoy the Combination of Modern City and Traditional Taste from British, Portuguese, Chinese, and Arabian

During your Kerala travel, Kochi should be on top of the list as it boasts the oldest European church that was once the home of Vasco-da-Gama! Historically, Kochi was recognized as an integral trading center across different countries, which is why it has inherited different qualities from each country. It is the best place for history, food, and beach lovers.
Best time to visit - All the year (Celebrate Christmas and New Year here)

3. Alleppey - The Backwater Spot

It is another place that should be included in your wish list as it offers incredible backwater rides, houseboat stays, and the serene beauty of the entire territory. It is one of the popular places in Kerala itself to experience the backwaters. You could find expanses of paddy fields, quaint chapels, fishing villages, and a lot more. You can also enjoy the traditional dinner style of Kerala that includes food served in coconut or banana tree leaves.
Best time to visit - September to May

4. Kumarakom - Soak the Tranquility and Meet Your Inner Self

Kumarakom is one of the loveliest tourist places, which is situated near Vembanad Lake in Kerala. This place is quiet, peaceful, overflowing with splendid views and exotic flora and fauna. You would feel fascinated in this place as it is a perfect blend of backwaters, authentic Kerala food, fresh air, and the warmth of Keralites. More so, you can do so many things here such as cruising, boating, houseboat stay, and fishing.
Best time to visit - September to May

5. Thekkady - A Popular Wildlife Sanctuary of Kerala

Just imagine you’re discovering new animals and birds besides a beautiful lake. Does it sound enthralling? So you’re going to fall in love with Thekkady for sure! This sanctuary is home to Periyar Tiger Reserve that allows you to sit on the lap of nature and enjoy every moment to the fullest with enthusiasm.
Best time to visit - October to February and June to September

6. Wayanad - The Land of Blissful Trails

Wayanad is one of the greenest tourist places in Kerala, which is enriched with godly beauty, rich culture, and a serene atmosphere. It is a perfect amalgamation of nature and man-made heritage because the place is famous for its richness in traditions, cultures, and tribal heritage. You will also find some small unnamed waterfall that adds more to the beauty of this place.
Best time to visit - October to May and July to August

7. Kovalam - A Beach Touched by Sun

Kerala boasts some of the best beaches on the planet and Kovalam is one of them. It is famous for New Year celebrations, Ayurvedic treatments, strong massages, water sports, and sunbathing fests. Kovalam has a crescent-shaped coastline always buzzing with various activities. The most amazing thing about this beach is the sunset and sunrise, which gives a panoramic view of the entire place.
Best time to visit - September to May

8. Vagamon - Enjoy the Solitude

This is an enchanting hill station, which is an offbeat tourist place, yet worth the visit. This place is adorable due to mystical gardens, magical meadows, aromatic tea plantations, beautiful dales, and misty valleys. Vagamon will soon become a popular destination with the increasing number of tourists visiting this place.
Best time to visit - August to May

9. Kozhikode - Take Pleasure of Authentic Malabar Cuisine

This place is also known as Calicut in Kerala, recognized as one of the most active commercial cities. Kozhikode is popular for its educational institution, historical sites, culture, and culinary experiences. And the architecture of the city is strongly influenced by British and Dutch culture. The Malabar cuisine and exotic spices of Kozhikode make it a one-of-a-kind city across the country.
Best time to visit - September to May

10. Bekal - Nothing Less than Heaven

Bekal is recognized for its Bekal forest, which has been a popular destination for many Bollywood movies. The sea breeze that will pass through your hair, the pleasant weather, and a good company are key factors to have a good time in Bekal. It is the third popular honeymoon destination in India that offers serene beauty and exotic weather.
Best time to visit - September to May

11. Marari - Fisherman’s Village

Marari is a drowsy fishing village with fewer crowds and is home to one of the untouched beaches in Kerala. This place very near to Alleppey, so you can enjoy the backwaters and beach stay altogether without any hassle. Marari is less crowded covered with white sand and palms trees all around, making the overall view more aesthetic and beautiful.
Best time to visit - September to May

12. Nelliyampathy - Unexplored Hill Station of Kerala

Nelliyampathy is a fascinating hill station that offers massive vegetation and long coffee gardens along with lush green mountains covered with grasses makes it absolutely tempting. The misty view of the valleys and exotic climate of Nelliyampathy makes it an ideal place for trekking and hiking. You would also enjoy the aromatic fragrance of cardamom as it boasts plantation of it.
Best time to visit - October to February

13. Varkala - Appreciate the Backdrop of Seaside

Varkala is one of the famous beaches in Kerala. It boasts lush green at one side and on the other side, you’ll find an enticing coastline that attracts thousands of tourists every year and water enthusiasts. You can enjoy activities like surfing, boat riding, parasailing, horse-riding, jetting, etc. These are some of the major highlights of Varkala beach.
Best time to visit - August to May

14. Kannur - A Panoramic Coastal Town

Kannur was earlier known as Cannanore is one of the best destinations of Kerala, recognized for weaving industries. Feel the charisma of this stunning colonial town, situated at the northeastern coast of Kerala with its sun-kissed bordered beaches, which are covered with rich cashew plantation, splendid monuments, and ancient temples.
Best time to visit - October to March

15. Kasargod - A Seaside Paradise

Located near Bekal, placed between the Western Ghats on one side and Azure Arabian Sea on the other, Kasargod is an enthralling place in this blessed State. It boasts fresh sea breeze, rolling mountains, plush coconut plantations, and a host of ancient temples, it majorly attracts peace-lover travelers all across the globe.
Best time to visit - June to November and January to February

16. Kizhunna- A Beach that you will cherish for years

It is listed as one of the secluded beaches in Kerala, which is pristine, beautiful, and less crowded. Covered by reddish and black cliffs and bordered by lush green palm plantation, Kizhunna is an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Locals visit this at the weekend and enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and beach strolls.
Best time to visit - Round the year, except June to August

17. Idukki - Divine and Peaceful Place

Are you seeking for a holiday to relax and rejuvenate yourself from the daily hustle of life? Exploring Idukki will be an ideal choice! Nestled amidst lush hills and luxurious forest, Idukki allures various tourists, photograph buffs, and nature lovers. Surrounded by spice and tea plantation, Idukki is an aromatic place perfect for treks, walks, and a lot more.
Best time to visit - June to August and January to November

18. Munroe Island - Explore the Enticing Canal Cruise

Situated at a distance of Ashtamudi Lake and River Kallada, 27kms from Kerala, Munroe Island is popular for its canal cruise. This place reflects the rural landscape of Kerala with thatched houses, narrow canals, lagoons, coconut plantation, and mangrove forests. Munroe Island is popular for the Kallada Boat Race held in the month of September.
Best time to visit - Throughout the year, except monsoons

19. Kavvayi Backwaters - Offer a Stunning Backwater Landscape

After Alleppey, Kavvayi backwaters should be on your priority list as it is counted as the third largest backwater destination in Kerala. Besides backwaters, you’ll also enjoy the mesmerizing view of this place that is worth the while. You can also cruise on Houseboats without any hassle.
Best time to visit - October to March

20. Kuttanad - Rice Bowl of Kerala

This place is located in the Alappuzha region, known for its rural landscape including agriculture, backwaters, and charming villages in Kuttanad. It is the perfect place to see the globally famous Heritage Agricultural System with farmland bordered by canals and inland waterways.
Best time to visit - October to March