20 Best Places to Visit in India in November-Experience Richness of this country!

Posted On : 22-10-2019
20 Best Places to Visit in India in November-Experience Richness of this country!

Are you planning a vacation to India in the month of November? Well, you’ve fortunately chosen the right month to explore this amazing and incredible nation. India tourism is the most popular tourism across the globe due to exotic climate, vivid culture and traditions, and the welcoming hearts of people. Many travellers in history have rated India as one of the best travel destinations globally. There are several places to visit in India, beginning from North to South, and East to West! You could never completely experience this country in one visit.

However, you should definitely some must-visit places in the delightful climate of November. Here in this article, we’ll be sharing 20 exotic and enthralling places for tourists visiting India:

Here is the list of 20 Best Places to Visit in India in November-Experience Richness of this country!

Which are the Best Places in East India?

1. Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)

Uttar Pradesh is the largest State of the country that majorly contributes to the overall population of the country tremendously. However, the city Varanasi is the most sacred place for Hindu that celebrates Ganga Mahotsav every year in the month of November. This celebration is quite enticing that lasts for five days on the Ganga bank river, which is a treasure trove for Indian culture lovers. Traditionally, on this day Gods descend on the earth and take a bath in the Ganga River, which is known for being pure.

2. Sunderbans (West Bengal)

Sunderbans hit the priority list of avid travellers as this place is beautiful on earth located in Bengal. This place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with dense mangrove forest that is popularly known for tiger reserves. It is one of the best national parks in India that boasts jungle cat, wild boar, fox, and spotted deer, which is the best place to visit in November.

3. Shillong (Meghalaya)

East India becomes one-of-a-kind during November month and Shillong gets a new look. With recent rains, Shillong’s climate becomes exotic, and the waterfalls overflow that makes the backdrop of this quite mesmerizing. You can enjoy the panoramic view from Shillong peak, water scooting, trekking, boating, and a lot more.

4. Bodh Gaya (Bihar)

This is a crucial Buddhist pilgrimage destination and a UNESCO World Heritage site because, at Bodh Gaya, Buddha accomplished the stage of enlightenment. If you’re on India travel to seek some peace, then this could be the best ever destination to meet your inner self. Monks from all over the world hum holy scripture here, wearing red attire. November month is the best time to explore this beautiful place as the climate becomes moderate.

5. Rishikesh (Uttrakhand)

Are you an adventure freak? Rishikesh is the best sporting destination majorly known for its water activities. Beginning from adventure to relaxed boating, Rishikesh offers you great water-related activities such as river rafting. October and November are the best months to explore these water sports as September month is the end of the rainy season, so rivers usually overflow during these months.

Which are the Best Places in West India?

6. Old Goa (Goa)

Goa is a blessed place with some of the amazing beaches on the planet and it is the first choice of hippies. This little Indian State boasts so many incredible places, especially the old Goa that cast Portugal architecture of various churches and convents. This part of Goa is already a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which worth the title. You can enjoy a great feast of St.Francis Xavier that takes place during the months of November and December.

7. Kutch (Gujarat)

If you’re an avid photographer, then Kutch’s desert-landscape has a great view to offer during winters, popping up of vivid colors of Gujarat. There’s a festival celebrated for 2-3 months, from November to February, called Rann Utsav. In this festival, Gujarat kiKhushbu is the most captivating event as it enables you to witness the essence of Gujarat in true sense.

8. Ganpatipule (Maharashtra)

As soon as monsoon moves towards the exit door, Ganpatipuledevelopsinto one of the best tropical getaways. That’s the reason we’ve added this place to our must-visit places in November. Situated in the most Konkan region of Maharashtra, Ganpatipule is appreciated for its gold-sand beaches, cultural and spiritual legends.

9. Tarkarli (Maharashtra)

Approx. 550kms from Mumbai and 8kms towards the south of Malvan is a quaint beach, Tarkarli. This place is becoming a tourist destination at a faster pace as it attracts thousands of tourists that include national and international in November due to exotic climate and serene beauty. Tarkarli is blessed with enthralling beaches, exciting backwaters, and amazingly blue waters.

Which are the Best Places in the North?

10. Leh Ladakh

Ladakh is a dream-come-true destination for many travellers, especially adventurers. This place is secluded yet offers major trekking areas for adventure freaks! Leh Ladakh becomes aesthetic during November when the lakes will freeze out and appear like glass, and the hill tips will be snow-covered. Everything here becomes eye-striking and stunning.

11. Jaisalmer (Rajasthan)

Rajasthan is renowned is for its desert area that offers the feel of Arabian nights along with camel safari. Jaisalmer is the land of the desert that becomes overwhelming in the month of November, which makes night stay in a tent absolutely exotic and luxurious. You can taste different cultural performances in Jaisalmer. Moonlight dinner is the most popular activity in these sand dunes of Jaisalmer.

12. Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir)

During November month, the whole of Kashmir becomes a white fairy tale, or you can say a paradise. Srinagar is located in the Kashmir Valley that is truly heaven on earth. This place is blessed with light green trees, turquoise waterfalls, and snow-capped mountains. The climate during this month becomes very pleasant and romantic, which makes it a perfect destination for honeymooners.

13. Shimla (Himachal Pradesh)

It is another fascinating destination in North India located in the States of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla is a paradise throughout the year with its pleasing weather. During the month of November, Shimla becomes enticing for travellers as every destination here is a dream come true and enjoying walking trips will enable you to enjoy this place to the fullest. The major attraction of Shimla is the fun of enjoying the toy train from Kalka to Shimla.

14. Bir Billing (Himachal Pradesh)

Bir billing is an off-beat destination that is perfect for adventure lovers in Himachal Pradesh. Some of the famous activities that you can enjoy the most during November month are paragliding, trekking, hand gliding, walking trips through nature, and a lot more. Even for photo enthusiasts, Bir billing offers semi-nomadic villages to capture the best pictures.

15. Nainital (Uttrakhand)

Nainital is recognized as the district of lakes and only rain can add more beauty to the lakes? So, as the rainy season comes to an end, exploring Nainital in the month of October and November can be a daydream. This place is ideal for honeymooners that offer activities like boating, cable car ride, sightseeing, and photography.

Which are the Best Places in South India?

16. Wayanad (Kerala)

Nestled in the pristine Western Ghats of Kerala, Wayanad is an aesthetic hill station with an abundance of forests, wildlife, plantations, and vibrant culture. All these factors contribute to Wayanad’s beauty, making it an ideal destination for honeymooners. If you’re planning to visit Wayanad, prepare yourself to enjoy the amalgamation of ethnicity and nature’s magic.

17. Hampi (Karnataka)

Hampi is an ideal destination for history lovers as it made up of the ruins of Hampi, which was once the capital of the great Vijayanagar Empire in South India. This place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that becomes eye-striking during the month of November, not because of its historical architecture, but also due to the religious importance of Virupaksha Temple.

18. Varkala (Kerala)

Varkala is known for some of the best beaches in India due to the cliff kissing the shorelines and sun enlightening this place. It is a beach known for several café’s; restaurants pepped with a trance model. It is also known for religious importance as many Hindu visits this place to offer prayers to their deceased loved ones.

19. Coorg (Karnataka)

Coorg is also known as the “Scotland of India” is one of the best places to visit in winters of India. Set between the lush green mountains and misty landscapes, Coorg is a perfect holiday destination for those who are seeking peace on the lap of nature. It is not only the nature that attracts travellers, but the Puthari harvest festival also adds charm to Coorg.

Which is the best place in Central India?

20. Sanchi (Madhya Pradesh)

Madhya Pradesh is the only state of India that is situated in the heart of the country. Here is a beautiful destination is known as Sanchi, which is an epitome of Buddhist artistry offering some of the world-famous Stupas of Buddhists. These sculptures are collectively now titled as UNESCO World Heritage Site.