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12 Misconceptions about Indian Food - The Actual Truth

Posted On : 12-8-2019
12 Misconceptions about Indian Food - The Actual Truth

The very first thing that strikes your hearing Indian food might be “Ahh, too spicy”! Is it? Well, many Indian food tours provide a spicy experience to travelers who are health conscious and cannot bare spiciness. You could find such spiciness only in Street food in India that involves chat, golgappe, dosa, etc. But my friend, it’s your biggest myth! Food of India is not at all spicy though this country is a land of spices. You’re always been asked by restaurateurs the number of spices that should be added to your food as hospitality in India believes in providing customization of services.

Many tours in India also conduct cooking classes for travelers to make their journey quite exciting as well as let them dive into the tradition and culture of India. Here in this article, we’ll highlight major misconceptions that travelers hold about Indian cuisine:

All Indian Food is Overloaded with Spices

Fact- This is the biggest and common myth that people believe to be true! Although Indian adds flavors to their cuisine, that’s not what makes the food spicy, you have the choice omit to chilies from the food. More so, there is a variety of Indian dishes that don’t require 10 spices, one key spice is more than enough.

All Indian Food is Full of Fat and Bad for Health

Fact- This is one of the major myths, it like saying all the Italian pasta and Chinese food contains soya in it. Indian food completely depends on your choice in the fat department, if you want more butter to your food or cheese, then you’re accumulating fats. There are so many dishes that can be made up of 6 tablespoons of oil and 2 as well. You will also find steamed, grilled, baked, and some roasted dishes also, the Indian cuisine is not restricted to oil. On the other hand, if we talk about unhealthy food, then let me tell you, Indians have more vegetables culinary as compared to countries in the world. Culinary tours in India often provide a variety of vegetable dishes that are tasty as well as healthy.

All Indian Food is Rich in Calories

Fact- This again depends on your choice as nobody will force you to eat chocolates. In the same way, people in India will not force you to eat helping delicious desserts that include gulab jamun, gajar, or moong dal ka halwa. However, they are quite tempting but that tests your self-control over your health consciousness.

It is Difficult to Cook Indian Food

Fact- Again a misconception among travelers! You can check the recipes of chicken tandoori, mutter panner, bhindi ki subji, etc., which are quick to make. This is up to whether you want to taste the rich culture of India, which requires quite some time to be mouthwatering.

Indians Use Curry Powder

Fact- Curry is the majorly used term in every Indian cuisine, but the key ingredient to cooking this is not a powder. For making curry, Indians utilize only one key powder, which is a mixture of all the spices called “garam masala”. It enhances the taste of dishes and makes the aroma too good, which becomes tempting for food lovers. More so, it’s not that you can get it from any store, but you can make it at your home place as well, which is pure and rich in taste.

There’s No Variety

Fact- I don’t know who felt this on their tour to India because Indian cuisine is known for its variety of dishes. Here in India, every place, region and state have their own specialty and it is not at all possible to cover up all the areas for food tasting. A traveler may have to spend at least year to taste the variety that India has- it is that rich in variety.

Indian’s are Pure Vegetarian

Fact- This is the biggest misconception you’ll ever have about India. It seems that people don’t know the history of India where along with Brahamins, even Mughals and Rajputs ruled the country. You could find Mughalia dishes, from which most are non-veg. Whereas, the Rajputs were famous for hunting, so even they were hard-core non-vegetarians. Even today you’ll find Mughal restaurants in the capital of India, Delhi. Towards the south, you’ll come across Portuguese and French culture in terms of food that includes non-veg.

Consumption of Desi Ghee is Unhealthy

Fact- Not at all! Desi ghee is equal to olive oil that helps to prevent cholesterol. Desi ghee include 65% saturated and 32% MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acids), which you’ll find it olive oil and other refinery oils that are good for health.

Fruits aren’t Safe in India

Fact- This too is a misconception. All though adding colors to fruits has become quite prevalent in the market, but that doesn’t mean it’s unsafe. Being a traveler, you need to follow a quick remedy to eat fruits in India, which is just wash it diligently as it will help in removing impurities and pesticides. And we also recommend purchasing organic fruits rather than random ones.

Eating with Hands isn’t Safe

Indian culture involves eating food with hands, which is common tradition across the country and people are following it since ages. But that doesn’t mean all the food is meant to be eaten with hands, some require spoon. Rest everything depends on your choice how you want to eat the food. If you’re pursuing with hands, then wash them properly with a sanitizer or hand wash available.

Water is Impure

Fact- Well, many travelers encounter sickness after drinking water of India. It doesn’t mean that the water is bad here, it’s just that you don’t have the habit of normal water as in developed countries you get mineral water only. However, you can also find the same here by paying some amount. And avoid drinking water randomly in any place.

Indian use Biogas to Cook Food

Fact- Gone are those days when India used biogas to cook food, using wooden sticks. Now you’ll find gas in everyone’s house as it is quick. But still some traditional or undeveloped villages cook on biogas. According to researchers, food cooked on biogas seems tastier than what we eat on our normal gas stove.

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