10 Best Places to Visit in Coorg

Posted On : 22-10-2019
10 Best Places to Visit in Coorg

With intellectual peace and youth spirituality, Coorg offers the enchanting and breathtaking experience to travellers all across the world. Nestled between green mountains, gleaming waterfalls, and untouched beaches, Coorg in India is a dream come true for many travellers. That’s the reason it hits the list of “Best Places to Visit in Karnataka”. Coorg is an offbeat travel destination, yet many adventure freaks explore this place with great intensity and passion. Be it coffee plantation or the immersive sound and view of Cauvery River or the pleasant weather, Coorg rejuvenates travellers with its fresh air and enthralling backdrop.

We want you to explore every niche and corner of this place and so we’ve outlined the top 10 places that you should not miss out in Coorg:

1. Abbey Falls

Do you like road trips or planning a road trip to explore different places in Coorg? If so, then Abbey Falls is the number place that you will come across as it is 10 km away from the main city. As the name suggests, Abbey falls provide you with an exhilarating and dazzling waterfall between coffee plantation and spice estates. Enjoy the garrulous beauty near the Kaveri River spill falling down the black rocks that will hypnotize completely.
Best time to visit: November and December

2. Brahmagiri Peak

This peak is covered with green forested woods and mist-topped hills, while trekking towards this amazing destination you will experience grasslands, flora and fauna, and sparkling streams of pure water. In Brahmagiri Peak, you can explore many wildlife animals here that include Jungle cat, Lion-tailored Macaque, Nilgiri langur, and many more.
Best time to visit: May and October

3. Dubare Elephant camp

There are ample things to do in Kerala whether you’re honeymooning or on a family holiday or single. But Coorg will excite you more than any other destination because of the Dubare Elephant camp. With approx. 150 elephants, this camp is a great way to know these god’s creatures more closely. You can witness the bathing, training, and feeding sessions of this huge animal by Mohuts.
Best time to visit- October to May

4. Chettali

Chettali is a small village, which is the best for exploring culture tourism as it takes you through the real tradition and culture of South India. Under the unending greenery and misty hills, Chettali is a perfect destination to halt and relax during the trip. This place should be on your list in order to experience the serene of Coorg.
Best time to visit- All the year

5. Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park is a fantastic one day visit if you’re an animal lover. You could find 270 bird species flying near the bank of the river as the park lies beside it. This dense forest is overflowing with wild elephants, dogs, and langurs.
Best time to visit- April to May and November to February

6. Iruppu Falls

This is the most popular waterfall after Abbey as the River Lakshmana Tirtha takes a 60 feet plunge in between the green mountains to turn into these waterfalls. You will have an unforgettable experience here as the picturesque view of ferns and gushing sound of water is resonating, enforcing you to sit there for hours doing nothing. Just praise the divine creation of Mother Nature!
Best time to visit- October to April

7. Mandalpatti Viewpoint

Mandalpatti Viewpoint is a mesmerizing destination that enables you to trek towards it. If you’re in Coorg don’t miss out on this place. While trekking to Mandalpatti viewpoint you will surely enjoy the abundance of greenery and some breathtaking views from the top. Make sure to pack some water and then begin your trekking.
Best time to visit- October to March

8. Raja’s seat

Situated in the town of Madikeri, Raja’s seat is the best scenic places to explore in Coorg. This hilltop is famous as a sunset point that provides you with a gleaming backdrop of green valleys and surrounding hills along with seasonal flower gardens and musical fountains. Historically, these gardens were precious for Kings who ruled here.
Best time to visit- October to May

9. Bylakuppe

This is the second biggest settlements of Tibet's in India. The Tibetan architecture of this monastery is the most praised and beautiful carved with real gold. You will find it fun during the Tibetan New Year celebration as it looks absolutely mesmerizing.
Best time to visit- October to March

10. Nishani Motte

This is an off-beat place in Coorg, but an ideal destination for trekking during weekends for people living in Bangalore City. They find this place quite rejuvenating and tranquil because the untouched trekking helps them to relieve their stress. However, it is an isolated place we recommend you to trek under the guidance of some trekking experts.
Best time to visit- January to May