A Paradise for Spiritualists: Exploring the Path to Inner Peace

Posted On : 15-3-2017
A Paradise for Spiritualists

Situated in the northern part of India and having awesome beauty and the calm serenity of the stately Himalayas, Uttaranchal – the “Devbhumi” that has attracted tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. Sacred pilgrimages of different religions including the world-famous Char Dham or the four Hindu pilgrimage destinations of Shri Badrinath Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri; the sacred Sikh pilgrimage of Hemkund - Lokpal, Nanakmatta, and Meetha - Reetha Sahib and Piran Kaliyar for Muslims have drawn pilgrims and seekers for spiritual fulfillment to Uttaranchal. Uttaranchal is an expression of divinity, attainment, meditation, penance, and austerity.

The Temples

If one is fond of noticing architectural grandeur, maybe the temple isn't going to impress as much as the temples of Khajurao, still entering the temples of this Devbhumi makes you believe that you have developed special bondage with God in the core of your heart. Pay a visit to Naina Devi Temple, which symbolizes the eyes of Sati, Shiva's beloved wife. A holy trip to Rudranath temple affords an enchanting and unparalleled view of the natural beauty of the State. An exciting trolley ropeway journey to Mansa Devi temple gives you an excellent view of Haridwar and the surrounding hills. Lots of other temples like Madmaheshwar temple, Baijnath temple, and Jageshwar Mahadev temple are must-see.

Life in the twin towns of Haridwar and Rishikesh pulsates with devotional activities all year round. These two cities also form the base of continuing the onward journey towards the other holy shrines of Uttaranchal. Traditionally the pilgrimage Yatra to the four shrines of Char Dham starts from Yamunotri, perched atop the Bandarpunch Peak, and is situated opposite Gangotri. The picturesque pilgrimage of Gangotri is believed to be the spot where Ganga touched the earth for the first time. Kedarnath, Badrinath, Bageshwar, and Uttar Kashi are some other holy cities that are a must-visit in every Pilgrimage Tours India.

The Char Dham

With the natural backdrop having grandiose and mystifying Himalayas as the backdrop, the four most holy pilgrimages of India never cease to amaze travelers and visitors. Char Dham, or the four pilgrimage centers, comprising of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri are frequented by the religious-minded as well as those intrigued by the remnants of bygone years. The holy river the Ganges, and her streams flow buoyantly in Char Dhams. According to the holy books, Goddess Ganga came down on the Earth in the form of a river to help the suffering humanity.

As the Earth would be unable to endure the force of her descent, the holy Ganges was split into channels, each of which also came to be considered as sacred. Four of these channels flow past the Char Dham, known as Bhagirathi (in Gangotri), Mandakini (in Kedarnath), Alaknanda (in Badrinath) and Yamuna (in Yamunotri). The four Dhams are blessed with amazing scenic beauty and also associated with a long history. This has contributed ancient temples to the panorama of these holy lands.


Sited in Haridwar, is one of the most sacred ghats in India. According to legends Vikramaditya built this ghat in memory of his brother Bhartrihari. The ghat is also known as Brahma Kund. In the evening a Maha Aarti is performed on this ghat. It is an event, which must not be missed by any visitor. The floral diyas, which float on the Ganga in the twilight, creates an impression of stars being brought in the river water.

The Cultural and natural heritage

Culturally, Uttaranchal has a rich and vibrant heritage. There are several local fairs and festivals like Surkanda Devi Mela, Magh Mela, Jhanda Mela, Nanda Devi Mela, Piran Kaliyar Mela, Chaiti Mela, Purnagiri Mela, Joljivi Mela and Uttarayani Mela, indicative of the immense possibilities for cultural tourism in Uttaranchal. The holy river Ganga and Yamuna have their sources in the hills within this State. The rich cultural traditions, the rare natural beauty, and the cool and invigorating climate of this land of origin of the holy Ganga and Yamuna Rivers have been its main attractions. Uttaranchal is the source of spiritual accomplishment and self-realization and Moksha becomes inherent virtue dawn upon the pilgrims. Uttaranchal has that galaxy of peaks and glaciers, that vastness of meadows and jungles and that wealth of colorful jungles and valleys and dales, which have no parallel on earth.