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If you are planning a vacation to witness the culture and the faith of different religions in their Gods, then India is an ideal destination! This country has a plethora of spiritual places with great religious significance and offers extreme spiritual experience.

India is a “Land of diverse culture”, which is why Pilgrimage tourism in India is very popular across the globe. Being a diverse nation, you could find different religions of all cast and communities on this holy land. History of India has witnessed a great religious epoch that makes this country root to many religions in this world. You would feel this while exploring impeccable and unique architected temples, churches, Gurudwaras, mosques, and other religious sites of India.

Many foreign travelers visit pilgrimage places in India to dig into the history of that period and publish their own thesis or India citizens settled abroad visit these places to get in touch with their Motherland and soak positive energy. India, being a secular country, is undoubtedly home to numerous pilgrimage tours and sites of various religions including Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Christianity, Jainism, Islam, Parsis, and Judaism, which in true sense allure many travelers towards this nation.

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