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  • Jodhpur Riff Festival

    Jodhpur Riff Festival

    Jodhpur, the bustling desert city of Rajasthan is known for its culture and traditions, Rajasthani fairs and festivals, forts and palaces, and tranquil temples. Painted in a vivid shade of blue, this "blue city" glows in the shadow of golden sand and every year reverberates with the sound of music at Rajasthan international folk festival. One of the most [...]

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  • Golf Tours India

    Golf Tours India

    The sporty country of India has a lot to offer when it comes to golf. The nation tenders some of the supreme golfing confronts including top-notch designer golf courses and other golf courses with great significance in Indian history, yet uncharted but without a doubt a golfer's delight. There are strikingly different varieties of golf courses in India to gratify [...]

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  • Top Wedding Destinations in India

    Top Wedding Destinations in India

    Marriages are very special and exciting for those of us who wish to settle down in life with marital bliss. Naturally, we want the venue also to be exotic and perfect to tie the knot. India has steadily become one of the most sought-after marriage destinations in recent years and home to some of the world's most exotic venues as well. Let's take a look at [...]

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  • Top Places to Visit India Tea Plantations

    Top Places to Visit India Tea Plantations

    India is one of the largest producers of tea in the world. There are a lot of tea plantations in India. These tea plantations are usually located in the popular hill stations of India. Tourists visiting these places can taste the amazing tea produced in these areas. The tea produced in each of these areas has a distinct taste according to the climate, soil and process [...]

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  • Tribal Destinations of India

    Tribal Destinations of India

    India is a land of diverse religion and culture. A wide variety of tribal people inhabit a major part of the country. A lot of foreign tourists like to explore the land and customs of the tribal people, by taking a tribal Tour of India. The famous tribes of India like Santhal, Munda, Nagas still preserve the identity of their tribes. The states of Nagaland, Orissa, [...]

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  • Professional Tour Guides

    Professional Tour Guides

    The best way to know about a monument or a locality is with the help of escorted travel guides. Thus escorted tours are best advised when visiting India, or any other new place for that matter. This solves the problem of the language barrier as well since you end up carrying out all your negotiations through your travel guide and it is harder to hoodwink you. The [...]

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  • Golf A Blissful Escapade

    Golf A Blissful Escapade

    Stealing a bit of limelight from the religious game of cricket, golf is emerging as a prominent sport in India. With names like Jeev Milkha Singh, Jyoti Randhawa and Arjun Atwal linked to the international golf; this game has become a familiar term on the tongues of sports lovers. India is home to many golf courses that offer an appropriate environment for the ones [...]

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  • The Enchanting Indian Holidays

    The Enchanting Indian Holidays

    The country of majestic snow-clad mountains and vast desert with yellow glowing sand, India is all about rich and vibrant culture. Known for its colorful diversity, this largest democracy in the world is bundled with a plethora of explored and unexplored destinations with something mysterious attached to them. Each state with a stark difference in culture and language [...]

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  • Forts and Palaces of India

    Forts and Palaces of India

    India's past is puzzled with stories of invasion and supremacy, mostly by the Rajputs and Mughals. Due to the presence of such imperial families for a prolonged period, the country is bejeweled with a tremendous number of splendid fortresses and graceful palaces. Hence, when people think of India, regal ancient forts and imperial palaces are what come to mind [...]

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  • Rustic Beauty Exploring the Forts and Palaces of India

    Rustic Beauty Exploring the Forts and Palaces of India

    A glorious past and a rich cultural heritage etched in the history of India, it is a land of mystic tales and valiant wars fought for kingdom, jewels and people. Testimonial of which are the elegant palaces and magnificent forts that stand tall even today. Forts and palaces of India have a unique story attached to it. A story which is a marvelous blend of [...]

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  • An All Women Tour

    An All Women Tour

    Women, just like men, have aspirations to tour the world, explore exciting places, and have fun with their women friends, relatives, colleagues or associates. Well, even if you don't have any friends or colleagues if you get to meet a like-minded woman with tastes and interests similar to yours, would you enjoy traveling, shopping and sharing your experiences [...]

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  • History of Golf in India

    History of Golf in India

    The history of golf in India can be traced back to the 19th century. In fact, India was the first country, outside of Great Britain, to adopt golf as a sport. The first golf club of India was founded in 1829 and named as the Royal Calcutta Golf Club (RCGC). It was the oldest golf club in the world outside Great Britain and took care of the governance of the game in [...]

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  • Top Scuba Diving Places in India

    Top Scuba Diving Places in India

    India is a country of diverse landforms and spectacular natural phenomenon. The long coastal region along the western and western coasts have given rise to many wonderful beaches along the coast. A huge number of tourists visit these beaches every year. There are a lot of water sports activities carried out in a lot of places wherever it is possible. Scuba diving [...]

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  • Study and Educational Tours India

    Study and Educational Tours India

    Traveling to various places on Earth is a very important source of increasing one's knowledge. The wholesome education of an individual can take place only when he knows about the different types of people on Earth and imbibing the good qualities of them. Many institutions in India and abroad conduct various Educational tours of India because the diversity found [...]

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  • Yoga in India for Complete Well Being of the Human Body

    Yoga in India for Complete Well Being of the Human Body

    Originated in ancient India as a practice to stay fit and healthy, Yoga has taken the world by storm. Yoga, formulated by the great saint Patanjali has a series of exercises that involve flexing various muscles and contracting others. It is a great way of letting your stress go and living a happy life. Whatever stress you might face from work or household chores, [...]

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