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Trekking Destinations of India for Fun Filled Adventures!

Trekking Destinations of India for Fun Filled Adventures


Adventurous trips are best to complete when trekking is a part of the adventure. We have put together an array of places that offer the best trekking experiences in India. India a land of rich culture and diversity has indeed different sorts of terrain which pose different sets of challenges to budding trekkers and seasoned campaigners alike.


We start off by looking at the top trekking destinations of India by reviewing the location of Markha Valley trek. Located amidst the picturesque Himalayas this location offers a lot in terms of scenic beauty and great mountain ranges. The Zanskar trek, on the other hand, is characterized by green patches that overlook the general terrain like an oasis in the desert. Big boulders, hefty cliffs, and brilliant trekking locations are what this place has to offer for the explorer. Everest Base camp is a top favorite among trek lovers. However, it is recommended that you gain some amount of trekking experience before hitting on this one as it is pretty tough and requires a lot of stamina. Lamayuru Alchi Trek better known as the monasteries trek is a ten-day-long trek 125 km west of Leh.


Moving on Coorg, in the Kodagu district of Karnataka has a lot to offer in terms of trekking as well. Lush green hills and brilliant weather are a big plus to this location which attracts tourists from different parts of the country and world alike. The stay at Coorg is majestic, and it caters toS a perfect adventurous trip just as much it does to a relaxing family outing. Challenging treks involving great heights and rugged terrain make this a big hit with the tourist. Additional activities like rappelling from rocks, quad biking, and other excursions shall excite the adventure lovers who shall thoroughly enjoy this as much as the challenging trek.


Roopkund Trek in Uttarakhand is yet another challenging and adventurous location for trekkers. Located among mountains and surrounded by brilliant flora and fauna this is an excellent location for you to go on treks. The terrain makes trekking incredibly challenging and thus you end up experiencing thrill and joy once you have successfully completed the trek. This helps in enhancing the overall adventure experience and fulfilling your trip to India. There are a lot of places to visit in and around this locality so the complete trip is worth it, if not for the breathtaking trek, then what the state of Uttarakhand offers in terms of scenery and tourist places. This makes it a must-visit place in India.


Kudremukh in Karnataka is also a good location. Characterized by slippery slopes and a tough trek the vegetation here is simply a visual treat indeed. Diligent and experienced trekkers will find this intriguing and perfect for treks. It's something that everyone shall enjoy with equal amounts of pleasure after conquering the hills. This is attributed to the best experience because the state of Karnataka has a lot to offer apart from this. It is best for a relaxing experience and you feel rejuvenated and your senses are lifted after this trip. It is something one should experience with closest friends, adventure troops, or next of kin. You have left longing for more and you shall embark on this trip more than once in a lifetime.


This was a comprehensive round-up of top trekking destinations of India, with the Markha Valley Trek, Zanskar trek, Everest Base camp, Lamayuru Alchi Trek, and Sham Trek topping the list. Many people do not customize their trips well and end up lamenting during the journey. Do not do this and make sure you include one or more trekking locations on your itinerary if you plan on an adventure holiday in India. I am sure you will have a blast and enjoy your stay here.


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