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Top Scuba Diving Places in India

Top Scuba Diving Places in India


India is a country of diverse landforms and spectacular natural phenomenon. The long coastal region along the western and western coasts have given rise to many wonderful beaches along the coast. A huge number of tourists visit these beaches every year. There are a lot of water sports activities carried out in a lot of places wherever it is possible. Scuba diving is one of the most popular sports in the world. Scuba diving places in India are situated mostly in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep and Goa. Gradually more and more people are taking part in scuba diving making it one of the most popular underwater sport in India.


The Andaman tour is a very lucrative one for all die-hard tourists, especially in India. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a group of islands situated in the Bay of Bengal. These islands are world-famous for their wonderful sea beaches and ethnic groups. There are a number of scuba diving spots around these islands. Some of the popular ones are – South Button, The Wall, Dixon's Pinnacle, Johnny's Gorge and many more. Most tourists visiting these places take part in this popular sport and enjoy themselves. The natural colours of the corals underwater and the beautiful fishes that are found here make scuba diving a wonderful lifetime experience for the divers. Many professional diving groups are trained in this part of India. The underwater biodiversity of this place makes the Andaman tour really memorable.


Lakshadweep is another group of islands in the Arabian Sea which is famous for contributing to underwater sport in India. The local tourism department has been taking special measures in turning this place into a major water sports destination of the world. There are a lot of scuba diving centres in the islands of Agatti, Bangaram and Kadmat. There are accommodation facilities available for the divers as the islands are quite remote. These islands are absolutely perfect for scuba diving as well as snorkelling. The beginners can also learn their trade in these diving centres. The resorts in these islands are very good and provide wonderful facilities for the tourists visiting.


Goa is a famous sea beach destination of India as well as the world. The sea off the coast of Goa is absolutely beautiful. The underwater natural beauty is breathtaking and the tourists have a lifetime experience beneath the waters. There are a large number of diving spots off the coast of Goa. Some of the most popular spots are – Wreck of Suzy's, Locker of Davy Jones, Cove of Shelter and Reef of Uma Guma. The underwater sea animals are an incredible view to see. Bay of Bounty is a popular site for the beginners in scuba diving.


India thus has many scuba diving places along its coastlines. The natural landforms of India have helped in aiding the water sports in India. A huge number of wannabe divers are taking to the sport every day.


However, proper guidance is very essential since it can get risky without professional help. The scuba diving places in India are the best in the world. It also boosts the tourism of the place.


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