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Top 5 Hill stations in India

Top 5 Hill stations in India


The best way to escape the scorching heat of the summers is to fly away to the nearest hill station and get some cool. Not only are hill stations home to wonderful weather and scenic landscapes, they help one cool off in the most peaceful manner possible. Nearly all the hill stations in the country were urbanized by the British, in the region of a fundamental mall, to get a break from the tyrannical summer temperatures. A lot of these hill stations have scenic ponds and lakes as their hub, making them exceptional spots for boating. 


We usually remain so busy in our lives that we forget to take out time for ourselves; we get caught up in hassles at home, work and other such stuff. One must take a much needed break from everyday monotony and there's no better place than hill stations for that where you can unite with nature, discover inner peace far away from the hurly-burly of everyday life. Although one typically imagines a hill station to be a place where there is not a lot of activity, which can be quite boring for the outgoing kind of travelers, however, times have changed and these days these locations are the central hub to all kinds of activity ranging from adventure sports like paragliding to horse riding and toy train rides. Let us take a look at the top 5 most popular and exquisite hill stations in India. 




One of the most popular hill stations in the country, Shimla used to subsist as the summer hub or capital of the British during their reign in India. Officially the capital of Himachal Pradesh, this magnificently breezy and delightful city slumps along a mountain crest, surrounded by pine, oak and rhododendron woods. It's pretty well-known for its regal style architecture and celebrated railway.


The ancient Christ Church, with its stunning tainted glass panes, is one of Shimla's most famous tourist spots. The Scandal point and the Viceregal Lodge on Observatory Hill offer spectacular views, especially at sunrise or sunset. Shimla welcomes young and old and has at least a little to offer to all. There is a plethora of adventure sports and activities that one can take part in. Lots of companies also conduct short hikes and treks in the surrounding areas as well.




This peaceful hill station derives its name from the Hindu lawgiver "Manu" and Manali is considered to be the altered name of "Manu-Alaya" which factually denotes "the abode of Manu".


Manali, with its relaxing background of the Himalayas, tenders a merge of calm and adventure that makes it one of northern India's most admired tourist spots and honeymoon destinations.


Situated in the Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh, it's a delightful location bounded by cold pine woods and the powerful Beas River, which give it an extraordinary vigor.




Paradise sure does lie in India, down south in the state of Kerala. It sure is the seventh heaven for the tea lovers and scenery obsessed people. The areas surrounding Munnar are celebrated for their expansive tea plantations.

The Kundale Tea Plantations, which touch a charming lake, offer the most excellent chance to observe the tea being selected and processed and to taste fresh tea directly from the plantations.

The region is sanctified with the natural splendor of meandering lanes, foggy hills, and woods full of interesting flora and fauna. Escapade aficionados can hike to Anamudi, the tallest mountain in south India, walk around Eravikulam National Park, or go paragliding and rock climbing.




Darjeeling, in West Bengal, is also famed for its thick tea plantations. On top of that, it's gifted with a spectacular view of Mount Kanchenjunga, which is the planet's third-highest mountain. A number of people who visit Darjeeling do make it a point to visit some of the famous monasteries in the city. A few of Darjeeling's most admired attractions consist of a zoo, botanical gardens, and the Darjeeling-Rangeet Valley Passenger Ropeway cable car.

This car is most sought after by tourists as it is the longest cable vehicle in Asia. Darjeeling is a fantastic place to see the sights and discover the tea gardens, towns, and markets. The best time to visit the city in April and May.




Recognized in the beginning of the 19th century by the British as the summer head office of the Chennai management, Ooty is now a restful place ideal for short getaways from the summer heat in the scorching state of Tamil Nadu. Due to increasing popularity, the city has started to become quite crowded, especially during the peak period in April and May.

Ooty's most admired tourist spots comprise of the 22 hectare Government Botanical Gardens, boating on Ooty Lake, and mountaineering on the Dodabetta Peak for an outstanding view of the Nilgiri range.

The train from Mettupalayam to Ooty is quite popular with tourists as it offers a very scenic view throughout its ride. A flower show is also held at the botanical gardens in Ooty every May as an element of the Summer Festival.


With the highest mountain cliffs and ranges on the earth, the Himalayas, extending from north to east, Aravalli and Vindhya hills spanning transversely over western and central India, and the Western Ghats in western and southern parts of the country, India is resplendent with hill stations and tenders a large number of stunning backdrops in the world. 


Indian hill stations are definitely a traveler's ecstasy, blessed with snow-clad peaks, subterranean ravines, emerald gorges, foggy forests, clean and chilled rivers, cerulean lakes, and picturesque colorful meadows full of flora including the famous valley of flowers. Any hill station that you may lay foot on will certainly greet you with a chilly background, thickly forested hills, and delectable cuisine available in a number of extravagant varieties. These misty, magical, and peaceful tourist destinations of India are an ideal holiday alternative. So what are you waiting for? Make your bookings now!! Hurry!!


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