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South Indian Food

South Indian Food


India is a land of diversity in terms of culture and tradition. The cuisine of different parts of the country has its own specialty. The South Indian cuisine is known for its distinct taste and flavour. South India would have a prominent place in the cuisine tour of India. The tangy taste of the South Indian food is well suited with the hot and humid climate of the region. The sourness that is added in the food helps the people maintain a cool body temperature. There are a number of famous South Indian restaurants in India. The presence of these restaurants in all parts of the country help the people of other regions get a taste of the South Indian food. 


The famous South Indian dishes are idli, dosa, sambar, rasam and many more. The cuisines of South India consist of the dishes of the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. The predominance of a variety of spices, coconut and tamarind adds to the distinct flavour of the food. However the amount of spiciness varies from one state to another in these South Indian states. Rice is the staple food of the people of this region. There are various kinds of lentils used as well. 


The Andhra food is the spiciest among the various types of South Indian cuisine. The chilli and tamarind are added very generously by the Andhra people to their food. The famous dishes of Andhra Pradesh are upma, various kinds of lentils, Hyderabadi Biriyani and much more. There are a variety of sweets and snacks available as well. There are a lot of local sweets as well. The pickles are a specialty and are an integral part of all meals. 


The Karnataka cuisine is very diverse in nature. The health quotient of the food is very high as the spices are added in mild quantities. Palm sugar and jaggery are used generously by the people of Karnataka. They use chilli in very less amount. The main breakfast items are masala dosa, idli among others. Sambar, rasam, kootu, gojju are the lunch specialties. The snack items are chakkali, mangalore bun and kodabale. 

Kerala food is quite diverse in nature because of the different types of communities who inhabit this state. Due to the large number of Christians and Muslims in the state, the non-vegetarian food is also quite rich. As the state has a prominent coastal land, the sea food of the state is also very famous. A lot of sea fishes are eaten by the local people. Idli and Dosa are also part of the regular diet. 


Tamil Nadu has its share of both spicy as well as non-spicy foods. Most people prefer to eat non-vegetarian food except for the Tamil Brahmins. There are a number of gravy dishes which are mixed along with the staple, rice. There are a number of snacks and fast foods that are eaten by the people. Chettinad region has a distinct spicy touch to it. 


The famous South Indian restaurants in India serve authentic South Indian dishes. A cuisine tour of India can never be complete withoutcuisines of South India.


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