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Golf A Blissful Escapade

Golf A Blissful Escapade


Stealing a bit of limelight from the religious game of cricket, golf is emerging as a prominent sport in India. With names like Jeev Milkha Singh, Jyoti Randhawa and Arjun Atwal linked to the international golf; this game has become a familiar term on the tongues of sports lovers. India is home to many golf courses that offer an appropriate environment for the ones who wish to enjoy this peaceful and exclusive sport. 

The Professional Golf Tour of India works towards making the Indian golf global. The Indian Golf Union is also making sincere efforts in raising the game to its international level. India has about 196 golf courses that are registered. This provides a vast opportunity to experience the game without much difficulty. The cities which enjoy the residence of these golf courses are New Delhi, Noida, Kolkatta, Bangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad and Ooty. Traveling to various golf fields in these regions is quite easy. Transport facilities are readily available from and to the golf fields. 


Golf is not just any other sport. It is a getaway to serenity, peace, and relaxation. A holiday with golfing promises rejuvenation of mind and body. Some of the golf tours that are sure to provide you an experience of the lifetime are as follows.


The Golden Green Golf Resort, New Delhi is an 18-hole, 7200 yards course which is completed with bunkers that look like olive green blankets. The beautiful surface changes its color with every passing season. The golf experience makes one feel like strolling in bliss. The course has been naturally designed to provide a fair amount of challenge to the players. Even though created for the pros, this course provides something for everyone and thus enhances golf tourism.


The Classic Golf Resort, NCR is built over a 3000-acre land on the foot of the Aravalli Hills. This world-class course merges international experience with the Indian technique. It has two courses- an 18-hole champions course and a 9-hole canyon course. With picturesque beauty in the backdrop, this place makes golfing a rather rare experience filled with joy and ecstasy.


The Royal Calcutta Golf Club is the oldest golf club in the whole world excluding Britain. The ancientness of this place is preserved and safeguarded in the clubhouse. The course is made up of fine grass and provides a beautiful view to look upon. This place provides a historic edge to the visit besides the splendid game of golf.


The Bangalore Golf Course, the second oldest course in India, is an 18-hole 6650 yards course. It is surrounded by a huge number of trees and water pits. The amazing logo of a crow with a golf ball in its beak comes from the fact that there are a lot of crows hovering over this area. The lavish green grass adorns the colored Gulmohar, Eucalyptus, and Palm trees. This place is ideal for spending a peaceful and quiet day.


Coimbatore adorns a lavish and world-class golf course- The Coimbatore Golf Club. This natural beauty is home to over 50 species of birds and a huge number of peacocks. The club also works towards recycling water. The major factor in determining the game is the strong blowing wind which can turn the tide in any direction. Capturing the beauty of Coimbatore, this place attracts its players like a magnet. This club has been a helping hand in enhancing golf tourism in India.


The splendor of the green grass under the feet and the serenity as blissful as heaven - this is what a perfect holiday would sound like. Experience the best of golf this holiday and put your mind and body in complete calm and balance. Rejoice in the rich green courses with your entire family. Make the most of what is a fantastic flee from all your burdens and worries-golf.


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