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Famous Buddhist Places in India

Famous Buddhist Places in India


One of the most popular religions in the world, with the sole aim of creating peace worldwide, Buddhism is a faith followed in a variety of places in India and abroad. Buddhist tour India is a captivating experience that helps pilgrims, Buddhists, and tourists get in close encounters with the reality of life as per Buddhist scriptures. 


India Holiday Mall is one of the leading trip advisors in the country and is known for its ability to provide comfort, convenience, and piety to its tourists at affordable prices. Buddhism in India is followed mainly in the North East and also in places where Lord Buddha had spent a part of his life. However, Buddhist sites in India are spread across the country. Most of the chosen tourist spots in the Buddhist tour India organized by India Holiday Mall are linked with the life of Lord Buddha. 


Buddhism in India is said to be one of the few religions that successfully helps a person find true calm, peace, and tranquility within one's own self. It is a faith that aids the followers to discover the joy and satisfaction that they hunt for. Paying a visit to the various Buddhist sites in India aids a traveler or pilgrim to grow internal harmony, compassion, and perception via the everyday application. The most important and beneficial aspect of Buddhism in India is that pilgrims and other travelers who benefit from visiting these sites and following Buddhist practices of meditation always make it a point to impart their experience to others with an aim to let more and more people benefit from the feeling.


The Buddhist circuit Tour tour India organized by India Holiday Mall will take you to the voyage of most celebrated Buddhist circuits of India and will also cover the famous golden triangle of North India. In this trip, a number of well-known serene Buddhist sites in India are covered, where travelers can discover the temples, monasteries, and heritage attractions. The destinations covered in this trip, which are the top few Buddhist places in India, include:




Considered the most essential Buddhist pilgrimage destination in the world, this pious place is located in the heart of Bihar. It is believed that Lord Buddha attained enlightenment here when he practiced severe meditation below a Bodhi tree.

The precise point is now manifested by the extensive Mahabodhi Temple compound. The township is also the dwelling of a large number of Buddhist monasteries.

The place is popular among people who seek peace via meditation and it is home to a lot of places that offer rumination and Buddhism courses and retreats.




Located in Uttar Pradesh, this is the place that witnessed Lord Buddha's demise. It is said that the reason behind him coming especially to this place was because it was the appropriate size for the sermonizing of the Mahá-Sudassana Sutta and also because Subhadda would visit him there and the brahman Doha would be there, to get to the bottom of the trouble of the distribution of his remnants, after the Buddha's demise. 


Other famous Buddhist places in India also include Sarnath, Sravasti, Rajgir, Nalanda, and Ajanta, most of which are covered in this incredible and sacred Buddhist Tour India.


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