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Enjoy Exotic Kerala Tour and its Panoramic Beauty

Enjoy Exotic Kerala Tour and its Panoramic Beauty


South India tours are mostly filled with rides into nature and enjoying the best of the flora and fauna. Kerala is one such state down south in the Indian peninsula that is better known as God's Own Country in India. India Holiday Mall brings you the best tours of India that include ventures to this wonderful tour to down south in India. The amazing nature of the state and the mesmerizing coconut trees lets you be in a different world altogether.


Our services make the best efforts to let you enjoy the stunning backwaters of Kerala and rejuvenate yourself thoroughly in the Ayurvedic massage and spa treatments. We bring the best tour options to our patrons which include trips to panoramic Kerala beaches, treatment with the traditional Ayurveda packages, rides on boathouse houses, and much more. The scenic palm-fringed beaches are one of its kinds in the country and visitors from all over the world come here quite often. 


One of the finest beach resorts, Kovalam is a famous beach town of Kerala that is internationally known. Other beaches of Kerala that we cover during the Kerala tour are Varkala Fort, Mararikulam, Cherai, Poovar, Beypore, Alleppey, and Bekal. Apart from the mesmerizing beaches, Kerala also sports a large number of hill stations like Munnar, Peermede, Rajamala, Nelliyampathy, Wayanad, Vagamon, Neelimala, Mattupetty, Ponmudi, etc.


Tourists get a wonderful opportunity to spend an awesome time with their family and companions. Kerala is also a place that cruises some of the finest houseboats on the backwaters, canals, lagoons, inlets, and rivers. The placid stretches let you enjoy on the houseboats with full enthusiasm as the interiors of the houseboats are adorned with home-like décor. A few of the popular backwater destinations of Kerala are Alleppey, Kottayam, Kozhikode, Thottapally, Thiruvallam, Kumarakom, Fort Kochi, Kuttanad, etc. Below is a little description of the backwaters of Kerala that will help the readers to gain an insight into its captivating beauty.


Kuttanad Backwaters


This is perhaps one of the most visited Kerala's backwater destinations. Better referred to as the "Rice Bowl of Kerala", the green landscape and vivid scenic vistas make the place more or less like a paradise. The waterways, lakes, streams, and channels make the place a beautiful destination to sport houseboats of different sizes.


Alappuzha Backwaters


In Kerala, it is famous as the "Venice of East". These backwaters serve as the origin and endpoint of several backwater cruises. The Alleppey backwaters are now known as Alappuzha and the major attraction of the place is the snake race which is held during the famous Indian festival Onam.


Kollam Backwaters


The Kollam backwaters cover almost the entire city. The magnificent temples around Kollam which are built and designed in the traditional style make the place more elegant. Asthamudi Lake finds a way through the Kollam backwaters in Kerala. Cashew plantation is also done extensively in these areas as the water supply is large.


Kochi Backwaters


Often referred to as the "Queen of the Arabian Sea", the Kochi backwaters are a site where a large number of tourist population is seen. Kochi is one of the famous towns of Kerala and it forms one of the biggest harbor sites of India.


The calmness and serenity near the backwaters of Kerala are more than a captivating experience for every individual. The South India tour is not completed until you venture into the world of houseboats found here. Our services are also known for the therapeutic Ayurveda treatments it provides during your stay in Kerala. We let you immerse yourself into the richness of the Ayurveda packages that are world famous in Kerala. Ayurveda is practiced in Kerala since 5000 years and the medicinal powers of the herbs are used for the treatment of several diseases and skin rashes. People from all over the world come here to enjoy the Kerala tour with the richness of the Ayurveda treatments. The different types of Ayurveda treatments provided here are:


Ksheera Dhoomam


In this kind of Ayurvedic treatment, fomentation is done with the help of pure cow's milk. Very effective for speech disorders and few other types of nervous disorders, this treatment is widely made by the people who are suffering from Bells Palsy (a rare form of face paralysis).




In this treatment, Lukewarm herbal oil is spread all over the body in a continuous manner for more than one hour or so. At the end, the water bath is given to the patient. This treatment is considered to be very effective for people suffering from arthritis, joint pain, nervous weakness, and rheumatic diseases. The entire duration of the Ayurveda treatment goes on from 7 to 21 days.




This is the most common form of Ayurveda treatment in which medicated cow milk with the confluence of a few essential herbal oils is poured on the patient for 30-45 minutes every day. This is a stress buster and cures mental illness as well.




Certain skin diseases like psoriasis and a few others can be treated with the help of this Ayurveda treatment, known as Snehapanam. Medicated ghee is used in this treatment on the patient for the treatment of the ailments.


Several resorts are there in Kerala which are exclusively known for the Ayurvedic treatments. Whoever visits Kerala needs to get a treatment with these regenerating therapies at least once. In the hustle and bustle of city life and the urban lifestyle have made our lives too mechanical. The Ayurveda packages make you get rid of those stress for a brief time. It is the Ayurveda only which manages large tourist population into the state. Ayurveda treatments in Kerala are mostly seen in some places of Kerala like Trivandrum, Cochin, Periyar, Kumarakom, Kovalam Beach, and Kollam. During your Kerala tour, we make sure that you get treated with any one of the massage therapies and Ayurvedic treatments.


Kerala tour made with us guarantees you with the best places of visit and loads of fun amidst the natural resources. The flora and fauna of South India are known for its abundance, and a trip made with India Holiday Mall Leisure Services lets you enjoy all those at affordable rates.


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