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Deep Dive Into The Exotic North

Deep Dive Into The Exotic North


India is a land of exotic locales. From pristine beaches to the soulful hills; it is a country that encompasses a plethora of landscapes. Owing to the multiple terrains in the country, northern India is very different from the south and its other counterparts (i.e. East & West). While the South is governed more by the surrounding water bodies and has some of the best beaches one can see, the West has the gorgeous stretch of desert and the North and East have the overpowering Himalayan range.


The crowning glory of India is the state of Kashmir. The queen of all hill stations is laced with snow-capped mountains, lush and vibrant flora, and fauna and breathtaking views. Though a bit terror-stricken, the state is by far the pride of the country and is a must-visit place for any tourist.

Most of the tourist destinations of North India are situated at the foot of the Himalayan range. Popular destinations are Shimla, Mussorie, Mcleodganj, Rishikesh & small hill stations in the Garwal Hill range. Amritsar, Haridwar is popular as religious destinations. 


If you like to witness snow and can withstand tough weather conditions then from October to February is a good time to visit the hills. There are a number of north India tour packages by various travel agencies that one can avail of. If you want to take a break from the scorching heat of the plains then the hills offer solace from March to September. The weather is pleasant and there is a lot of tourist activity in these areas in the specified months. However, it's best to avoid hills during monsoon because of landslides and unsafe terrain.

Tourist destinations of North India are not restricted to the hills only. The plains have a lot to offer in the name of Haridwar, Amritsar, and Agra. Haridwar and Amritsar have a rich religious heritage that makes it an attractive destination. The temples of Haridwar and the piety attached to it because of it being located at the banks of the holy river Ganga has drawn a lot of foreign audience to the place. Amritsar, on the other hand, has the renowned Golden Temple which is one of the seven wonders of the country. Every year thousands of Sikh and other Pilgrims come here and take a tour of Golden temple from all over the world.

Agra is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The famous Taj Mahal is located in Agra and is undoubtedly the most impeccable monument of love. 

An Indian holiday not only offers spectacular imagery but also gives the traveler a true taste of India's multi-cuisine culinary feats. Every destination has its distinct flavor, which resonates in the lifestyle, history, and even palate of the inhabitants. The food that you will eat in a hill station will have a distinct flavor versus the same dish in a metropolitan in India. The freshness of vegetables and purity of nature has a lot to do with taste. North Indian food is predominantly spicy and gravy based. Be it the truly Indian daal or the most touted butter chicken, if you like it hot, you got to have it in the North!

Carefully weaved in the fabric of rich cultural heritage, breathtaking scenic beauty and mouth-watering cuisine, the tourist destinations of North India offer a truly enriching experience for the traveler.


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